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Drawing Characters in Motion: Anatomy, Appeal, Posing, and More

By Lexin Yuan

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Draw Characters in Motion

Add Dynamics and Life Into Your Characters with
Professional Artist, Lexin Yuan

Character art is everywhere these days. Fan artists, animators, character designers, comic-artists, and illustrators of all styles are sharing art left and right...and it’s all so amazing! Do you ever want to be able to steal their secrets for your own? Well, you might have guessed it, but the secret is that there is no secret. Every character drawing style, no matter how simple or complex, is built upon foundational drawing techniques and knowledge of the human body.

This course is for beginner to intermediate artists who want to develop foundational drawing skills for capturing the human figure. If you struggle with stiff posing, drawing characters in perspective/foreshortened angles, or drawings that lack energy and punch, this is the class for you. It will also go over techniques for teaching yourself, finding resources, and general good art practice.

In this course, we’ll break down the human body and study it from the ground up. We’ll start with gesture, form, and anatomy. Our focus will be to get to the point where you can confidently draw full bodies from any angle, in any pose. Then, we’ll move on to topics like stylization, exaggeration, and appeal. Additionally, throughout the course, we’ll learn how to implement a productive feedback loop so that you can evaluate your own art in an objective way.

My goal is to challenge your analytical mind so that you can evaluate your own art and self direct methods for improvement or exploration. You will learn techniques I use to study other artists, how to find and utilize reference, and methods for teaching yourself after the conclusion of the class.

Step 1: Break down the human figure

Step 2: Posing a character naturally

Step 3: Drawing dynamic characters

Step 4: Designing distinct characters


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Lexin Yuan
  2. Introduction to the Course
  3. Choosing a Workspace

Chapter 1: Clip Studio Paint Overview

  1. Setting up Your Canvas and Shortcuts
  2. Choosing and Modifying Brushes
  3. Layer Modes

Chapter 2. Foundations for Solid Drawing

  1. Defining Your Goals for Drawing
  2. Drawing With Confidence: Draftsmanship and Tempo
  3. Zooming Out: Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture
  4. Basic Forms: Thinking in 3D on a 2D Plane

Chapter 3. Breaking Down the Human Figure

  1. Gesture Drawing
  2. Form Drawing
  3. Head and Face Structure
  4. Upper Body Anatomy
  5. Lower Body Anatomy

Chapter 4. Understanding Posing Basics

  1. Finding Reference and Inspiration for Posing
  2. What Makes a Pose Natural?
  3. Weight and Angles
  4. Figures in Perspective

Chapter 5. Dynamic Character Art  

  1. Finding Reference and Inspiration for Dynamic Character Art
  2. What Makes a Drawing Dynamic?
  3. Capturing Motion: Action Lines and Impact
  4. Camera Angles: Framing and Appeal
  5. Thinking Like an Animator: VFX, Motion Blurs, and Exaggeration

Chapter 6. Character Stylization  

  1. Finding Reference and Inspiration for Character Stylization
  2. Proportion and Silhouette
  3. Rhythm and Shape Language
  4. Color and Light
  5. Finishing and Rendering

Chapter 7. Character Creation

  1. Finding Reference and Inspiration for Character Creation
  2. Visualizing a Character's Personality
  3. Clothing, Hair, and Accessories
  4. Character Interaction

Bonus Chapter: How to Become a Better Artist

  1. Daily Warm Up/Exercise Prompts
  2. Advice & Thoughts on the Art Journey


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor

Introducing the Creator, Lexin Yuan

Nice to meet you, I'm Lexin! I'm an art student in my last year of university. I have been drawing and sharing my art on social media for 6 years, and have spent that time exploring many different ways of bringing characters to life, from illustrations to 2D animation to comics to character design and more.
Since I still feel very much like a student, having the opportunity to teach what I've learned is a blessing, as it is proof that hard work (and smart work) has real, tangible results. My goal for this class is to learn as much from teaching it as you will from taking it. Improving in art is not a mysterious process, and it is my hope to shed some light on how to become a more resourceful and authentic artist.
  • People who want to illustrate using Clip Studio Paint

  • People who want to improve their drawing fundamentals

  • People who want to be able to draw characters from any angle

  • People who want to give their character art energy and punch

  • People who want to learn how to create distinct and lively characters 

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