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Capture the Mood: Environment & Character Design

By Javidraws

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Capture the Mood: Environment & Character Design

with Artist, Javidraws


Learn how to create full colour, detailed environment illustrations. I’ll take you through all the steps of drawing backgrounds: perspective, conceptualization, sketch, line art, colour, light/shade and how to place characters. Work intelligently with objects, textures, and other details to make an environment look lived in.


This class is for those who are storytellers and want to convey their vision through environment art. Environment design is useful for other disciplines like concept art, webtoons, comics, and illustration.


By the end of the class, you will have a grasp on the fundamentals of perspective, detail work, and how to get the most out of your composition to convey the story you wish to tell. The goal is to create your own detailed environment drawing featuring a character that looks both compelling and natural.

Javidraws will be providing a neatly organised PSD bundle for one of her detailed background illustrations in full resolution with all the layers exclusively to students on Class101.

Don’t miss the chance to gain insights by looking through the adjustment layers Javidraws uses to get special effects.

Step 1: How Perspective Works

Step 2: Concept and Design

Step 3: Drawing Your Environment

Step 4: Light & Shade


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Javidraws
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Introduction to the Materials

Chapter 1: Perspective

  1. The different points of perspective
  2. Drawing basic shapes in perspective
  3. Breaking down household objects into basic shapes
  4. Drawing a simple room in perspective

Chapter 2: Character

  1. Breaking down characters into basic 3-D shapes

  2. Drawing characters in perspective

  3. Placing character in the room

Chapter 3: Concept

  1. Visualising your concept and details
  2. Thumbnailing your environment

Chapter 4: Composition

  1. Foreground and Background

  2. Construction

  3. Details and miscellaneous objects

Chapter 5: Line Art

  1. Working with the SAI pen tool

  2. Finding a good line art brush

  3. Lining our illustration

Chapter 6: Flat Colour

  1. Finding the right colour palette

  2. Adding Textures and patterns

Chapter 7: Light and Shade

  1. Light source & Shadows

  2. Multiple light sources Part 1

  3. Multiple light sources Part 2

  4. Time of day

Chapter 8:Finishing

  1. Correcting the colour

  2. Final touch ups


Congratulations on Completing the Course!

Meet Your Creator
Hi there!

My name is Javeria Khoso (javidraws) and I’m an illustrator and comics artist from Karachi, Pakistan. I’ve been drawing from a very young age and wanted to create my own comics ever since I got into reading Japanese Manga when I was 11.

From the age of 12, I would upload my MS paint drawings to Deviantart, enjoyed getting feedback and kept drawing until I was given my very first tablet at the age of 14. Growing alongside the online art community created a collaborative and competitive environment that made me grow as an artist. I’m grateful for all the friends and mentors along the way who taught and helped me improve my craft.

I did my bachelors in graphic design and wanted to get into concept art but felt myself enjoying illustration and comics way more. I’ve loved drawing detailed art for over a decade now, and I am finally able to transition that love into environment art.

Being able to draw backgrounds to pair with my characters is very useful as it helps me convey their stories even better. I hope this class is useful for everyone who takes it and I’m able to provide valuable feedback. I hope to learn and improve together with all of you.

For this class, Javidraws will be using Paint Tool SAI. Feel free to follow along even if you work in Procreate or Clipstudio paint as well, however, we do recommend having prior basic knowledge of these alternative softwares if you do plan to work in them.

  • Who want to expand their skills on digital drawing using Paint Tool SAI
  • Who want to develop their own style of drawing
  • Who want to learn Javidraws' approach to digital drawing
  • Who want to develop a new creative hobby!

Duration of the course

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