Discover the Magic of Sugar Cookie Decorating

By Kirkie Kookies by Andi Kirkegaard

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Discover the Magic of Sugar Cookie Decorating

with Artist, Andi Kirkegaard


Do you love to bake? Looking for a fun new hobby to take your standard, basic treats to the next level and wow your friends and family? Then this is the course for you!
Discover the magical world of sugar cookie decorating with Andi Kirkegaard from Kirkie Kookies.
Andi will walk you through everything you need to create stunning, edible works of art- from the basics of making the dough to the finer art of decorating techniques with royal icing and even how to find design inspiration and plan out your sugary creations ahead of time!
You will learn all of the fundamentals about artisan sugar cookie decorating with this all-inclusive, in-depth course designed to build and polish your cookie decorating skills from start to finish!


This course is designed for anyone who is interested in the learning more about the art of cookie decorating.
From beginners to intermediate, this course is structured to walk you through step by step so you can learn the basics and also be challenged by some new and exciting decorating techniques!


By the end of this course you will have the perfect sugar cookie and royal icing recipe to practice your cookie decorating skills with.
You will learn the fundamentals of making and prepping the sugar cookie dough as well as learn all about different royal icing consistencies and how best to use and trouble shoot them when decorating.
You will walk away with several exciting decorating techniques to take your cookies from your basic sugar cookie to a show stopping piece of edible art!

Step 1: Learn the Basic and Advanced Tools

Step 2: Learn Andi’s Method For Preparing Cookie Dough and Royal Icing

Step 3: Learn About Properties of Royal Icing and How to Apply Decorating Techniques

Step 4: Decorate Your Very Own Edible Works of Art!

Step 5: How to be Inspired & Create Your Own Cohesive Designs That will WOW Your Friends and Family!


1. Meet your instructor: Andi K. From Kirkie Kookies!
2. Introduction to the course: The Magic of Sugar Cookie Decorating
3. Introduction to the class kit

Chapter 1: The Sugary Basics of Cookie Decorating

1. The popularity of decorated sugar cookies
2. Recommended supplies to invest in
3. How to make and bake your dough
4. Tips for prepping and storing dough

Chapter 2: Royal Icing - The Ultimate Key to Successful Decorated Sugar Cookies

1. Making and storing the royal icing
2. Royal icing consistencies
3. How to plan out how much icing you will need
4. How to weigh out, color and bag your loyal icing
5. Decorating tips and when to use them
6. Troubleshooting royal icing

Chapter 3: Decorating 101

1. The basics of outlining the cookie with the "Latch and Pull" technique
2. The basics of flooding a cookie

Chapter 4: Andi’s Favorite Decorating Techniques and Designs

Let's practice the following techniques on your cookies!

1. Wet on wet
2. Borders and trim
3. Royal icing transfers
4. Florals
5. Basket weave
6. Knitted patterns and textures
7. Dimensional piping and 3D layering
8. Painting on cookies to creating realistic shading

Chapter 5: Applying Techniques On a Cookie

1. Combining the techniques
2. Step-by-step tutorial on decorating the “Hot Air Balloon” cookie from start to finish

Chapter 6: Finding Inspiration for Cookie Decorating

1. The importance of visualizing and planning out your cookie designs ahead of time
2. Using sources and items from everyday life for inspiration
3. Working with client requests to design a cookie set
4. Introduce Procreate and how to use it to visualize cookie designs ahead of time
5. Finding and embracing your own decorating style

Chapter 7: It’s Your Turn!

1. Design and execute a cookie set!

Bonus Chapter

1. Creating a small business through the magical world of sugar cookies!


Congratulations on completing the course

Meet Your Creator
Hi there!
My name is Andi Kirkegaard and I am the sugar artist behind "Kirkie Kookies."
I am a performing and visual artist turned "Cookier."
I have a 15 year history as a professional fine artist as well as a successful career as a performing artist. I have a degree in Musical Theatre and lived in LA for almost 10 years pursuing my passion for performing.
You may have seen me in movies on the Lifetime Network or gracing the stage of the Hyperion theatre at Disneyland in "Frozen, Live!"
In 2017 I took my love of art and transitioned it from canvas to cookie and never looked back!
I was able to perform at Disneyland during the day and decorate sugar cookies by night- not a bad gig! In 2019 I was a judge on Food Network's Holiday Special "Cookie Wars" and was a guest star on Nickelodeon's "Ryan's Mystery Playdate."
I never would have thought that sugar cookies would be where life would take me, but it is truly the best of both worlds.
I get to combine my passion for flair and the spotlight with my love of art and baking and I can't wait to share with you all that I know so you can create show stopping works of edible art as well!
Experienced Bakers Package
1. Hot Air Balloon Cutter
2. Tip-less Piping Bags
3. Edible Food Markers
4. Cookie Decorating Turntable Swivel
5. Paint Brush Set
6. Icing Bag Ties
7. Icing Piping tips 5 Pcs
8. Flower nail
9. Couplers
10. Scribe Tool
Starters Package
1. Standard Cutters Set of 5
2. Chefmaster Gel Food Coloring Set of 10
3. Hot Air Balloon Cutter
4. Paint Palettes
5. Tip-less Piping Bags
6. Edible Food Markers
7. Adjustable Rolling Pin
8. Scribe Tool
9. Dropper
10. Cookie Decorating Turntable Swivel
11. Opp Bag (for R.I. transfers and packaging)
12. Icing Bag Ties
13. Dough Rolling Mat
14. Paint Brush Set
15. Icing Piping tips 5 Pcs
16. Flower nail
17. Couplers

NOTE: Ingredients and baking supplies are not included in the class kit due to the shelf life and the delivery issue. But you will need the following ingredients for Andi's sugar cookie decorating class:

  • Those who want to learn the fundamentals of sugar cookie decorating.
  • Those who want to learn and develop a new, creative and delicious hobby!
  • Those who want to polish and refine their cookie decorating skills.
  • Those who are looking for an all inclusive, in-depth look at the magical world of sugar cookie decorating from start to finish!

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