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Learn How to Create Captivating Color Portraits on iPad with Zipcy

By Zipcy

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1. Go at your own pace in this 20-week online course
2. Artistic g
uidance & pointers from the instructor
3. Supportive peer community exchanging feedback
4. English subtitles, Original audio in Korean.

Create Captivating Color Portraits on iPad

Digital Portrait Drawing with
Artist, Zipcy


In the first class, we used the pencil, which is the most basic material of drawing, to deal with the character's face, gaze, facial expression, and mood expression depending on the light and shade. It was full of pencil techniques that I often use and tips on adding charm to the anatomy-based golden ratio and features.

This class has more content than the last class. The front and the half side, side, and the human body are added. Also, I'm going to tell you my own tips on coloring techniques, colors, and candidates with my iPad.


This class is organized step by step so that beginners can follow! We're also going to make a guide for newbies who might be having a hard time.

I made this class for everyone who wants to draw their favorite characters with an iPad. For those who had difficulties with portrait and digital illustrations, I think it would be great if you could feel the joy through this course without so much frustration :)


By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of how to draw attractive characters with beautiful eyes, facial expressions, and style. Also, you will have a greater understanding of coloring that determines the overall image.

Step 1: How to customize your brushes

Step 2: How to use brush neatly and not messy!

Step 3: A golden ratio on facial proportions

Step 4: Attractive and real-looking eyes

Step 5: How to draw a natural-looking nose

Step 6: Lips with different ways of a makeup

Step 7: A body proportion and different poses

Step 8: Expanding visual library via References

Step 9: How to use a light and shadow to draw a black & white illustration

Step 10: Making your drawings more real using brushes!

Step 11: Secrets of coloring

Step 12: A Warm tone illustration

Step 13: A silky hair

Step 14: A cool tone illustration

Step 15: Expressing a deeper atmosphere with shadows

Step 16: Expressing a warmer illustration with lights

Step 17: My tips on how to make a profit from drawings

Important Notice: This is an early bird class! That means the production of this class is just starting. The curriculum is subject to change, and content may be uploaded sequentially based on the creator’s schedule to ensure that we provide the class in the best quality possible.

Pre Chapter - Procreate Preferences and Frequently Used Features

  1. Basic features that finish in 10 minutes
  2. 10 Things You Need to Know To Work More Effectively
  3. My version of custom settings!

Welcome to Zipcy's iPad Portrait Class

  1. Here are 10 things you'll learn in this class.
  2. Meet your instructor: Zipcy!
  3. Class preparation and setting up the Procreate
  4. Let's draw a portrait drawing on your own BEFORE taking this class to compare it afterward!

Chapter 1: [Beginner part 1] Key Points for Brush and Layer

  1. A line that determines the picture's quality and how to draw it in a pretty and delicate way.
  2. How to make your own customized brush (Zipcy's favorite brush collection)
  3. Tips for using your own brush to make your drawings more vivid
  4. Basics of Layers
  5. Tips for using layers to speed your drawings

Chapter 2: [Beginner part 2] A facial proportion and golden ratio

  1. Golden Ratio Safety Proportion in which the characters are stably drawn
  2. A ratio to draw semi-side, side face proportion
  3. Tips on how to make your drawings naturally! Checklist to avoid awkward-looking drawings!

Chapter 3: [Intermediate part 1] Fascinating eyes

  1. How to draw realistic and deep looking eyes
  2. Eyelashes and eyebrows that look simple and fascinating
  3. Attractive eyes and the secret of emotional expression
  4. Adding makeups on your eye drawings

Chapter 4: [Intermediate part 2] A beautiful looking nose

  1. Things to avoid to prevent from awkward-looking nose
  2. A nose is the key point of easy and pretty portrait drawings
  3. Shading + highlighting to keep your nose bridge beautiful

Chapter 5: Lips with volume

  1. The golden proportion of natural and coveted lips.
  2. Various lip expressions depending on makeup
  3. Philtrum and wrinkles to give more volume

Chapter 6: [Intermediate part 4] Detailed and neat sketches

  1. Know-hows on finding your own personalized reference navigation
  2. Tips for sketching with 200% of your personalized reference
  3. Demonstration! How I do when I want to imitate more accurately and similarly.

Chapter 7: [Advanced part 1] A black and white illustration with the light and shade

  1. Learning the shape of light and shade depending on the lighting
  2. Tips for making your own texture! Using pencil brush and paper texture to make it look like it’s been drawn on an actual paper

Chapter 8: [Advanced part 2] Secrets of Coloring

  1. Learn the basics of color and color scheme
  2. My own know-how to upgrade your color scheme
  3. Make a great combination of colors! How to set up your own color palette

Chapter 9: [Advanced part 3] A Portrait Coloring 1- Warm Color Illustration

  1. Tips for expressing clear and healthy skin
  2. Coloring light and shade without being messy
  3. Same portrait, different style: Natural VS Glam
  4. Tips on coloring your hair
  5. [Tip] How to make your drawings more charming! Props to change the atmosphere of drawings

Chapter 10: [Advanced part 4] A Portrait Coloring 2- Cold Color Illustration

  1. Tips I use to paint a man like an idol
  2. Delicate skin expression
  3. Sensitive Contouring
  4. A bright hair coloring method that adds mystery

Chapter 11: [Master Part 1]

  1. How to import a file into the iPad and work with it
  2. How to add depth of emotion with light and shadow
  3. An easy way to express the mood that depends on the temperature of light.

Chapter 12: [Master Part 2]

  1. The proportion of the body of adult males and females.
  2. How to draw body lines naturally without expertised knowledge
  3. The most important thing in drawing natural poses
  4. [Tip] Hand comes out and the picture comes alive! How to draw pretty hands

Bonus Chapter

  1. Tips for using SNS - An era where anyone can become an artist!
  2. Ways to make a profit from portrait drawings


  Congratulations on Completing the Course

Meet Your Creator



A freelance illustrator with ten years of experience, author, and illustrator. Hi! My name is Zipcy :)

In 2019, I made a "Learn How to Create Captivating Portraits with Zipcy" class and receive a lot of love! Thanks to your support, I'm having an iPad class with more upgraded portrait drawings, the colored know-how, and post-correction tips! In 2019, I traveled around the world for a year, and the iPad able me to work on portraits of people I've met on the roads, movies, films, dramas, and a variety of publishers while traveling! Even further, I could do work on freelancing on the road! My portraits now have more voluminous and can be more fun to paint with the iPad.

I want to share a valuable and variety of know-how with you throughout the class.

This course will teach and guide you on how to effectively utilize different tools such as "digital brushes," "palettes," and "blending options" in Procreate app.
We will help you adjust app settings to optimize your drawing experience.

*Please Note: Students will have to purchase Procreate application ($10 in Apple Store). It is not included in the course package.

  • Who want to expand their skills on portrait drawings
  • Who want to paint colors to your drawings
  • Who want to learn more about anatomy and human drawings
  • Who want to be able to achieve a sense of atmosphere and depth in iPad portrait drawings
  • Who want to discover a creative hobby!

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Important Notice

This is an early bird class! That means the production of this class is just starting. The curriculum is subject to change, and content may be uploaded sequentially based on the creator’s schedule to ensure that we provide the class in the best quality possible.

Earn points to Extend the Class Access

Receive points by completing chapter missions OR by taking the class two or more times a week. And use the points to extend your class access!

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation (iPad)

Also, you need an Apple Pencil to take the class. iPad Air, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro that supports Apple Pencil, all works! Do not forget about downloading the 'Procreate' app as well.

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