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A Digital Drawing Class: Manga Character Drawing with an iPad or Tablet

By Yunji

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Draw manga characters with a warm atmosphere

Hello,I’m Yunji. I work in various fields from illustration to animation to webtoons. In my class, you will learn how to draw a manga-like illustration that captures the memorable feelings of love.

Illustrations that reach out to everyone

I mainly draw illustrations that look like a scene from a manga. This is because I want to convey to people who see my lovely and cute work the happy emotions I have drawn. So, a lot of my illustrations convey a warm atmosphere. Capturing someone's happy moments in illustration is my greatest pleasure and dream.

Drawing with Clip Studio and tablet

I mainly work with Clip Studio and the Wacom Cintiq. Clip Studio has a wide variety of brushes and assets, making work easy. It has a diamond-shaped brush for shiny illustrations, a watercolor-colored brush, and various layer properties that influence color and mood, making it easier to achieve higher quality.

This is why Clip Studio is a program optimized for drawing character illustrations. In addition, there is an easy animation function, so you can easily transform your illustration into animation, all through Clip Studio.

You can be an illustrator too

Like in learning anything, learning to draw comes in steps. After learning the basics of drawing from drawing characters to screen composition and atmosphere, I would like to introduce lessons that deal with transparent and bright watercolor style coloring and eventually teach you to create an animation.

One by one from the basics of character drawing

Are you not sure how to draw manga characters? First, learn about harmonious face proportions, and practice a variety of faces using the deforme technique. Next, I’ll show you how to draw a character that fits unique characteristics and gives your character a personality. Then, I’ll teach you the basics of drawing the body with natural clothes wrinkles and in various poses, and lay a strong foundation so that you can draw any character you want.

Naturally flowing hair

When drawing a character, one of the most difficult parts is drawing hair. How do you express the texture and shape of naturally scattering hair? When used right, it can become the charm point of your illustration! :)

At the beginning and end of an illustration, the atmosphere

The important thing is to get rid of unnecessary things and take only what you need. First, I’ll help you pick out a theme, set the overall atmosphere that goes well with the theme, and then think about how to make the scene look more beautiful.

Directing the charm of the illustration

Depending on how you produce the same subject, it may look completely different. You can create a more magical atmosphere by highlighting certain parts. Even if only the hair is changed with everything else the exact same, it can feel like a completely different illustration? You can improve the quality of the picture by just changing a small part and expressing it differently. By the end of the class, you will have the ability to organize the screen according to your intentions.

Draw a character on a picture you took

It can be difficult to draw a background from the beginning. The best way to learn to do that is by drawing characters on a real photo! When you start by drawing on photos, you will slowly start to understand how you should compose your illustrations.

A before and after of background correction

A lot of people have been wondering how I get such a magical background from a photo. Here’s a before and after correction of one of my actual works. In this class, I will share my own personal color correction techniques I have accumulated as an artist, and how to efficiently use CG's functions and characteristics to get backgrounds like mine.

Tens of thousands of feelings in one picture

Correction can also be used to draw a character that reveals personality at a glance and make the atmosphere of your illustrations more beautiful.

Dim photos become a cool and bright illustration in the watercolor style, and the pale and dull colors become sparkling and pure cartoon colors! You can apply dozens of colors through corrections using a simple theory without a particularly difficult process.

Beautifully drawn characters with a bit of movement

I will show you how to make a short animation based on the skills you learn in class. Learn to add a blinking motion that brings your character to life. Contrast coloring techniques that are characteristic of animation work are also easy to learn.

I want to share the pleasure of painting with you

Above all else, I want to help my students enjoy painting. The parts that seem difficult will quickly become easy, and the colors will start to naturally blend into your illustrations! Draw each element with all of your affection and create happy memories.

Cute and bubbly manga characters.

Drawing with Yunji.

Step 01 : Using Clip Studio

The program we will be using in class is Clip Studio Paint. I’ll cover the basic interface of Clip Studio and its practical functions such as brushes, layers, and assets.

Step 02 : The Deforme Technique

Deforme is a technique used that is common in anime and manga illustrations. I’ll teach you about the proportions of bodies and how to incorporate deforme into your character drawings.

Step 03 : Organizing Your Screen

The way the elements of your illustration are arranged on your screen have a big impact on its atmosphere. Learn about layouts, an easy way to arrange the parts of your screen.

Step 04 : Adding a Watercolor Feel

The soft textures of watercolor will help to complete our illustration. Learn to apply matching color schemes and complete brightly-colored illustrations.

Step 05 : Finishing with Editing

Editing will help to enhance the quality of your illustrations. Learn how to give your illustrations special atmospheres by actively utilizing layer properties.

Welcome to Yunji’s Digital Drawing Class

  1. Meet Yunji: Illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  2. Introducing the class: Cute and pure anime illustrations
  3. Taking a look at the tablet and Clip Studio

01. The Basics of Clip Studio

  1. Exploring Clip Studio’s interface
  2. Clip Studio’s basic tools and using layers
  3. Setting up your shortcuts
  4. An introduction to the brushes and assets we’ll use

02. Drawing Cute Character Faces

  1. Harmonious character face proportions
  2. Incorporating the deforme technique
  3. Drawing facial features with your character’s unique characteristics

03. Drawing Graceful Characters

  1. Understanding the proportions of the human body
  2. Drawing characters in various poses
  3. Drawing detailed hands and feet

04. Drawing Clothes with Lively Textures

  1. The basic of wrinkles
  2. Drawing different kinds of wrinkles
  3. Drawing characters with clothes

05. Drawing Natural Hair

  1. Understanding the flow of hair
  2. Drawing different hairstyles
  3. Drawing hair in wind-breeze
  4. Coloring the hair
  5. Drawing hairstyle that are laid down

06. Creating a Layout the Way You Want

  1. Layout based on the proportions of your screen
  2. Understanding and retouching different kinds of layers

07. Coloring in the Watercolor Style

  1. How to determine the proportion for drawing a couple
  2. Color schemes that never fail
  3. How to color twinkling eyes
  4. How to get a higher quality illustration with colors
  5. Retouching as a light tone and pure look

08. Finishing Your Illustration with Editing

  1. Advanced skill : A couple illustration
  2. Advanced skill : A three people illustration

09. Bonus! Creating a Simple Animation

  1. Draw a eye-blinking animation : from start to finish

Outro: Congratulations on finishing the class!

In closing: Continue to expand your painting world!

Creator Yunji


I'm Yunji, an artist who shares the joy of painting

The simple hobby that I enjoyed as a child became my dream, and I was able to persevere until I made my debut as a professional because of the joy of doing one of my favorite things. I want to share the art I love and the happiness that comes from it with you.

  • People who want to draw fluent watercolor style illustrations
  • People who want to draw anime-style illustrations
  • People who want to learn how to correct colors
  • People who want to compose captivating illustrations
  • People who want to make warm animations
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation

You need to have your own Clip Studio Paint to take the class. For more information, please visit

Class Access

We will send you an email with a webpage link and a personalized code to access the videos within 24 hours of purchase. Please check your inbox or spam!

Q. Can I take classes on an iPad?

A. Yeah! Since this is a Clip Studio-based class, as long as you have the program, the tools are available for both LCD / Plate tablets and iPads.

Q. Can I take the class with Photoshop or ProCreate?

A. Although there wouldn’t be many differences in the line drawing stage, the watercolor brush and various glitter assets are only available on Clip Studio, so there may be some difficulties starting from the coloring stage. If possible, I recommend using ClipStudio.

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