Travel & Lifestyle Illustrations - Learn Marker & Pen Drawing

By Rini

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Artistic guidance & feedback from the artist herself.
3. Engaged & supportive community of peers to exchange feedback.
4. English subtitles, Original audio in Korean.

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Step 01 : Liner Pen Basics

Learn to use the liner pen for sketching.
The artist will teach you the basics as well as how to employ the pen to sketch different settings.

Step 02 : Marker Color Selection

Learn how to choose and blend different marker colors and create a color fusion of your own unique personality and ideas.

Step 03 : Markers A to Z

This part of the course will teach you about different marker coloring techniques!
Solid Color, Compound Colors, Mixed Colors, Gradient, and Many More!

Step 04 : Travel Drawing Tips

Delve deeper into depicting different textures, coloring, and shading.

Step 05 : Perspective Drawing

Learn various perspective drawing techniques that will instill depth and dimension in your drawings.


1. Prepare for the class with Rini the artist


1. Welcome to Rini's marker & pen drawing class
2. Meet your instructor, Rini
3. Let's go over our class materials

01. Pen

1. Liner pen characteristics
2. Different types of lines and their uses
3. Line drawing practice: Vase

02. Markers

1. Basic characteristics and usages of markers
2. Color chart & color selection tips
3. Marker coloring techniques and mixing colors
4. Marker coloring practice: Clear sky, Sunset, Night sky

03. Food & Dessert Drawing

1. Lox Toast
2. Egg bacon Toast
3. Ramen
4. Sushi
5. European desserts and cakes

04. Urban Drawing Preparation: Texture, Color, Light & Shadow

1. Drawing trees & woods
2. Drawing brick walls and flower pots 1: Pen drawing
3. Drawing brick walls and flower pots 2: Marker coloring
4. Drawing Korean utility poles
5. Drawing International signs

05. Vintage café in Nagoya, Japan - Drawing the Front View

1. Composition, ratio & simplification
2. Light & shadow, texture expression
3. Marker coloring

06. European Alleys - Perspective Expression

1. One-point perspective basics
2. Setting the composition with One-point Perspective
3. Pen drawing
4. Light & shadow, texture expression
5. Marker coloring

07. Traditional Tokyo House at Night - Dimension Expression

1. Two-point perspective basics
2. Setting the composition with Two-point perspective
3. Pen drawing
4. Light & shadow, texture expression
5. Marker coloring

08. Bonus Chapter: My Travel Map, France

1. Pen drawing
2. Marker coloring


1. Side notes: Drawing by yourself, Purchasing materials and supplies
2. Congratulations on Your Completion!

Illustrator Rini



"Hello. My name is Rini. I'm an illustrator and I've been drawing for a while now! I'm currently a freelance digital illustration artist and I also run drawing classes.

Wow, It's been 4 years now since I first started teaching drawing. I met and interacted with so many different people through teaching drawing on and offline. Seeing my students first get exposed to drawing and finding joy also makes me very happy.

Reality can be stressful for everyone and I hope my class can be your own stress-free zone where you can come to just relax and enjoy. Let's start drawing together!"

  • Those who want to learn about urban sketch or landscape drawing
  • Who want to learn from a sketch to a marker coloring
  • Someone who's having difficulties with drawing, and isn’t making artistic progress.
  • Who want to have a new hobby.

Package introduction

All-in-one package

  1. Copic Ciao Marker Set /24 Colors (Colors Exclusicely Selected by Rini)
  2. Fabriano Drawing Pad / A5 size / 200g / 30 Sheets
  3. Staedtler Pigment Liner / 0.1mm & 0.05mm
  4. Sakura Gelly Roll Pen White
  5. Faber Castell Color Pencil / Light Flesh color
  6. Mesh pouch
  7. Surprise Gift by Rini (Rini’s Class Sample Collection & Stickers)

📩 Packages are subject to change and students will be fully informed in such changes.


Copic Ciao Marker Set /24 Colors (Colors Exclusicely Selected by Rini)

Color Number
R20 / R29 / R32 / R85 / YR04 / YR07 / YR23 / Y15 / YG03 / YG95 / G07 / G21 / G99 / E21 / E29 / E33 / E37 / B00 / B05 / B23 / BG09 / V15 / W-3 / C-5

Markers are a very simple and efficient tool for drawing from real life and for travel drawing. In my class, we will use the most famous among the marker brands: Copic Markers.

I'm sure you've seen the marker sets comprising of 12 colors, 24 colors, or 72 colors. But you can't carry all those markers when on the go! Plus, the 12 and 24 color sets are mostly too bright and I personally don’t like them.

That’s why I’ve put together my own set of markers, FOR YOU, with the right colors to make stunning art.
I spent a long time putting together the perfect set before settling on a kit of 24 colored markers that’ll give you exactly what you need to create amazing art.

If you follow all the instructions in the course video, step by step, you’ll be astonished by your progress!


Fabriano Drawing Pad / A5 size / 200g / 30 Sheets

Great size for carrying around.
200g is fantastic for using markers and pens.


Staedtler Pigment Liner / 0.1mm & 0.05mm

This pen is used for a pen drawing since its pen line is clean and dense.


Sakura Gelly Roll Pen White

It's excellent for highlighting and emphasizing when drawing in markers.


Faber Castell Color Pencil / Light Flesh color

Perfect to use with pen drawings.
Since the color is very light, you don't have to erase it after the rough sketch.


Mesh pouch

Convenient to use when carrying all those markers and pens.

Surprise Gift by Rini (Rini’s Class Sample Collection & Stickers)

Samples and references for the class, and stickers.
(For those of you who purchase class access only, the samples will be provided as a pdf file in the class notes)

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos on as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

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Class Preparation

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Class Access

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