STEP BY 1 MILLION - Start Dancing with the Best K-POP Choreographers

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STEP BY 1 MILLION, Be the Next K-pop Star!

Dance Choreography Class with
1MILLION Dance Studio


What’s stopping you from dancing? Is it because you’re not confident enough to dance in front of others? You’ve never learned, you think you're not talented, or you just don’t have the time?

1MILLION Dance Studio with 22 million subscribers on YouTube has brought to you an exclusive online dance class for beginners who have been holding back their aspirations to start dancing!

Leading K-POP choreographer Lia Kim is here to guide you through this journey as a friendly, and sometimes rigorous, instructor.


‘Step by 1M’ is an online dance class fit for absolute beginners who are interested but never got the chance to start learning or for those who find it hard to keep up with existing classes.

This class mixes and matches dance moves of different genres in a way that allows beginners to follow along easily.

Choreography will be divided into smaller sections and they will be practiced repeatedly so that you get to study and learn each movement at your own pace.



1MILLION Dance Studio’s instructors will share their tips and tricks accumulated from experience and teach you the trendiest dance moves. Class curriculum will go over every detail in depth, and upon completion, you will be able to pull off the choreography you've learned with confidence.

With this class, learn each movement and choreography one by one. You’ll find yourself immersed in the joy of dancing before you even know it!


Step 1: Body Isolation

Step 2: Wave

Step 3: Body Posing

Step 4: Steps

Step 5: Groove & Freestyle


  1. Hello, This is the leading K-pop choreographer Lia Kim!

  2. Don’t need to be a perfect dancer. Let’s first discover the joy of dance.

1. Warm Ups: Exercises Used for K-pop Artist Dance Training

  1. Strengths: Routines to boost strengths for your moves

  2. Flexibility: Essential workout routine to enhance flexibility

2. Body Isolation - Basics: How to Isolate the Body Parts for Simple Dance Moves

  1. What is Body Isolation? Importance and Use

  2. Body Isolation 1 - Neck

  3. Body Isolation 2 - Shoulder

  4. Body Isolation 3 - Chest

  5. Body Isolation 4 - Pelvis

3. Body Isolation - Application: Take Those Stiff Moves to the Next Level

  1. Applying a mix of body isolation for Rolling

  2. Connecting movement to get familiar with combination of Rolling

  3. Connecting movement to get familiar with combination of Rhythm

4. Wave: From the Basics to the Application

  1. Wave that will inspire vitality and energy

  2. Dance routines to familiarize wave rhythm training

5. Body Posing: Use Your Arms and Legs For Better Poses

  1. Routines for a delicate arm & fingertip stretch

  2. Routines for a delicate leg and tiptoe stretch
  3. Routines for a delicate body posing

6. Steps: How to Groove Along with Hip-hop

  1. Basic steps that will enhance practicality and add color to your movement - Part.1

  2. Basic steps that will enhance practicality and add color to your movement - Part.2

7. Groove & Freestyle: Essential Advices Before We Begin

  1. Tips on making a stylish groove to your favorite song

  2. How to dance on your own: Adding sophistication
  3. It’s your turn to free-style on your own!

  4. Familiarizing with the movement

8. Choreography - Basics for Application: "Keep Dancing - Manda"

  1. Dance Class Part 1 - The first half

  2. Practice dance movement to the first half of “Keep Dancing”

  3. Dance Class Part 2 - The second half

  4. Practice dance movement to the second half of “Keep Dancing”

  5. Dance to “Keep Dancing” from start to finish

9. Choreography - Basics for completion: "Dance Monkey - Tones & I"

  1. Dance Class Part 1 - The first half

  2. Practice dance movement to the first half of “Dance Monkey”
  3. Dance Class Part 2 - The second half
  4. Practice dance movement to the second half of “Dance Monkey”

  5. Dance to “Dance Monkey” from start to finish

OUTRO. Let's Dance Together

  1. We are all dancers!

  2. Just do it! Be the next K-pop star

Meet Your Instructor

1MILLION Dance Studio is a global dance company consisting of competent choreographers, creators, and directors from all around the world. Through our YouTube channel with over 24 million subscribers, we curate various genres of choreography that embodies the unique styles of each of our choreographers. We also actively create original choreography of renowned K-POP artists. As an energetic group of creators, we find utmost joy in helping students all over the world discover happiness through dancing.

More than 30k students have visited 1MILLION Dance Studio, and at the center of it is our leading choreographer and co-founder Lia Kim. As one of the most prominent K-POP choreographers, her representative works include Twice’s ‘TT’, Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’, Mamamoo’s ‘HIP’, among many others.

You want to start dancing with 1MILLION Dance Studio?

Join us and check it off your bucket list.

  • Both beginner and experienced dancers
  • Who want to expand their skills and techniques on dance moves
  • Who love K-pop!
  • Who want to learn 1MILLION's skills and techniques on dance

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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Class Preparation

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Class access

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