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Create Masterpieces on Your iPad - Online Digital Drawing Course

By Banzisu

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1. Learn at your own pace in this 20-week online course.
Artistic guidance & feedback from the artist herself.
3. Engaged & supportive community of peers to exchange feedback.
4. English subtitles (Original audio in Korean)

See for yourself to the improvements our classmates have made in this course!
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This is my version of the late-night book store painting. The coloring part was really tricky because there's a huge contrast between the colors used to express the inside and the outside. But the instructor gave me a tip that I can simply set different background colors. I'm really surprised that I drew this.

-by Suji Kim

I was sitting at a cafe during sunset as I was watching one of the class videos. The barista asked me to draw his cafe with my iPad too. There, I tried my best to apply all the lessons I've learned from this class. Thank you so much Banzisu and Class101 for this class!

-by Junghee Seo

Step 01 : How to Use the Procreate App

Learn digital drawing using Procreate on your iPad.

This course provides a guide to utilizing the basic features of Procreate.

You can also learn about different digital brushes that convey different textures.

Step 02 : Observing & Sketching a Landscape

Observation is the most important step in landscape drawing.

This course will teach you how to observe and turn your surroundings into drawing subjects.

Learn to draw detailed trees and buildings.

Step 03 : Coloring

Complete your drawing with unique and accurate coloring techniques.

The artist reveals her know-hows in choosing and matching different colors to express various atmospheres.

Step 04 : Light and Shadow

Learn to add light and shadow that will heighten depth and create mood in your drawing.

Color correction will allow you to achieve a specific atmosphere in your drawing.


  1. Meet your instructor: Banzisu
  2. Introduction to iPad drawing class
  3. Let's take a look at 'Procreate'
  4. How to use the Split View mode on iPad

01. Procreate Basics

  1. Basic app settings
  2. Frequently used tools & gestures
  3. Different Brushes & the Palette
  4. Layers & Blending Options
  5. Editing the reference picture for sketching

02. Sketching Landscapes

  1. How to observe a scene/landscape
  2. Comprehensive yet easy way to give perspective
  3. Important features of drawing landscape
  4. Splitting the landscape into parts for sketching

03. Sketching Flowers and Trees

  1. Sketching flowers
  2. Sketching trees
  3. Adding people into the scene
  4. Sketching on paper & converting it to a digital drawing
  5. Coloring the trees to add detail

04. Drawing a Café in Tokyo Daylight

  1. Sketching the café
  2. Coloring the café
  3. Adding shading to express the daylight
  4. Color correction and Hand-drawn effect

05. Drawing a Late-night Bookstore Scenery

  1. Sketching the bookstore
  2. Coloring the bookstore
  3. Adding light & shadow to depict the night time scene
  4. Different examples of how to create a late-night atmosphere

06. Drawing a Rainy Street

  1. Sketching the rainy city street
  2. Coloring the street
  3. Adding light and shadow to express rainy weather
  4. Color correction and Hand-drawn effect

07. Central Park in NYC & Japanese Grocery Store

  1. Applying different effects to foreign scenery & movie scenes
  2. Sketching the Japanese Grocery store
  3. Coloring the Japanese Grocery store
  4. Sketching Central Park in NYC
  5. Coloring Central Park in NYC

08. Practicing Landscape Drawing

  1. Drawing your room at daylight
  2. Drawing your room at night time
  3. Quick & easy outdoor drawing
  4. Starting your own piece


1. Congratulations on Your Completion!

Illustrator Banzisu


I didn't major art in college. In fact, my major is a completely different subject. However, I suddenly realized that I was genuinely very happy when I draw and look at artworks.

So I became a self-taught artist and this journey began in 2014. I started working as a background artist at an animation studio after my graduation.

And now I am a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. I studied illustration by myself and frankly, it wasn't easy.

But instead of feeling always let down, I tried to embrace and enjoy what I love, which is drawing. And I'd also like you to join me and start drawing. I will share my tips to you all.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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Class Preparation (iPad)

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