Regal Cake Creations: Baking that Inspires and Awes

By Sweet LionHeart

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Regal Cake Creations: Baking that Inspires and Awes

Learn Baking and Cake Designing with
Professional Artists, Sweet LionHeart

Step into the magical world of cake design and become inspired to create edible masterpieces! In this course we will take you through everything you need to know to bake and frost the regal cake of your dreams.

Starting at the very beginning, we’ll touch on some basics of baking from must-have tools to need-to-know techniques, tips and tricks! You’ll learn how to bake a fool-proof cake sponge, make silky smooth Swiss Meringue Buttercream plus a delicious cake filling! Once you’ve got these basics under your belt we’ll get you confident in stacking, frosting and achieving razor sharp edges on a single tier cake using Swiss meringue buttercream.

We’ll look at trendy vintage cake design styles and work with piping nozzles.

This course will be rounded off with a quick look at tips and tricks to beautifully photographing and editing pics of your baked goods to post on social media and have all your followers drooling over your feed!

This course if for the aspiring cake-designer, whether you are just starting out on your journey or have years of experience but want to try something different! We’re confident that no matter your skill level you will find this course educational and inspiring, packed to the brim with helpful tips to get you going!

Step1: Basic baking techniques to get you started

Step2: Working with Swiss Meringue buttercream to decorate cakes

Step3: Regal piping techniques

Step4: Cake styling and photography tips


  1. Meet Your Instructors: Sweet LionHeart
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Introduction to materials

Chapter 1: Going over the basics of baking

  1. Preparation is everything: a look at mise en place and time management
  2. The main ingredients and how each of their roles plays in baking
  3. Your basic cake sponges

Chapter 2. Finding inspirations and designing your cake

1. A quick look into the history of cake
2. Where we find inspiration for our SLH cake designs
3. How to create your own unique cake design style
4. Tips for sketching cakes (from pen and paper to apps)

Chapter 3. Creating the perfect cake base

1. What it takes to make beautiful cakes.
2. Buttercream: why we use Swiss meringue buttercream
3. Our favourite fillings: elevate your cakes' flavour profile
4. Cutting your cake sponges
5. Stacking your cakes

Chapter 4. Decorating Your Cakes (Frosting)

1. Crumb coating (and the semi-naked look)
2. Fully frosting your cake in a single colour
3. Achieving sharp edges
4. Quick tip: adding some single shade texture onto your cake

Chapter 5. Decorating Your Cakes (Coloring)

  1. A brief introduction to color Theory
  2. Color inspiration & developing your color palette
  3. Coloring your buttercream and how to achieve brighter colours
  4. Tips and Tricks: natural food coloring alternatives

Chapter 6. How to achieve Regal Piping

1. The tools: An overview
2. Planning your design and color usage for regal piping
3. Design #1: Regal piping on a single tier cake
4. Design #2: Regal piping on a two-tier cake
5. Quick tip: Regal piping on cupcakes

Chapter 7. Getting the perfect photo (cake styling and food photography)

1. The equipment and basic setup
2. Working with natural light
3. Simple styling tips
4. Editing your images
5. Using your images to promote your business

Bonus Chapter: How to run and promote your baking business

1. Our top tips to make your baking business work


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor

Introducing the Creators, Sweet LionHeart

From taking their first steps on Instagram in 2015, to having a flourishing online business, Sweet LionHeart has grown into a six-strong all-female team working together to make the world a sweeter place with crafted cake designs and treats.

They have become known not only for the tasty mouthfuls that fly out of their kitchen, but also the breath-taking images of their work posted onto Instagram daily.

Beyond being able to taste and see their creations, they aim to inspire like-minded pastry chefs and aspiring bakers across the globe through teaching and knowledge sharing of what they love most: cake!


The kit materials in the lesson videos may not be the same as the ones delivered to you. The nozzles shown in the videos that are different are also substitutable.

Package Introduction

  1. Aluminium cake tin / 2x
  2. Cake scraper
  3. Spatula Set
  4. Candy thermometer
  5. Piping bags
  6. Piping nozzle set
  7. Powder food colouring / 3 colors (Pink, Yellow, Blue)

📍The fresh products required for the class are not included in a kit due to shelf life and delivery issues. I will tell you the necessary ingredients for class in detail in class notes!

📍Some of the required tools are not included in the class kit due to delivery issue. I will tell you the necessary tools for class in detail in class notes!

📍The oven used in this class video is SMEG's SSA91GGX1 oven. If you are taking the class using another oven, there may be a slight difference in the results.

📍The tools and materials are based on the level of quality that the creator (chef) seeks. We will inform you about the tools that are not included in the kit in advance so that there is no difficulty in taking the class.

  • People who want to design their original cake from scratch
  • People who want to bake unique and aesthetic cakes
  • People who want to learn regal piping
  • People who want to stylize and capture their food
  • People who want to promote their business

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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