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I changed the white balance to fluorescent and shot some footage! It was a new method, but I like the warm feeling. I'm practicing with the focus set to MF, and I think my footage is good on the camera, but when I move it to the phone, it doesn't seem to be as focused as I thought.
If I keep practicing, I'll get better … right?

-by Kim Yoon Ji

I think I like pictures with a slightly higher saturation and contrast and a slightly lower brightness

-by Lee Lo Woon

I shot it under natural light and set the wb to fluorescent, so a picture of the same place, but it now looks very different. I used to always shoot with the setting on auto, so it amazes me to see how much the images change after adjusting a few things.

-by Lee Hye Hyun

Step 01 : Playing On Your Strengths

Your vlog should have its own concept that plays on your strengths. Let's analyze Sueddu's vlogs, identify her strengths, and plan and visualize your own vlog.

Step 02 : How to Increase Your Video Quality

You don't need an expensive camera to have high quality videos. Learn how to shoot on your phone and about getting the right settings and good camera angles

Step 03 : Produce Beautiful Scenes Like Sueddu

Knowing different compositions, angles of view, and shooting techniques will make your videos more beautiful. Learn how to create cinematic masterpieces with Sueddu's filming techniques.

Step 04 : Editing Essentials

Editing puts all the pieces into place. From transitions to assembling video clips, Sueddu will help you piece together your vlog. Begin with the basics of Adobe Premiere and over time, be able to edit with confidence.

Step 05 : Adding Elegant Sounds and Music

The sounds and music used in your vlogs are just as important as the videos themselves. Learn how to record and edit audio like Sueddu using Adobe Premiere.

Step 06 : For More Vivid Scenes

Liven up your scenes with some color correction. Learn how Sueddu uses editing to highlight certain colors with Premiere

Step 07 : Everything You Need To Know

From managing your subscribers to uploading content, Sueddu reveals some tips you need to know to expedite your YouTube career.

Skillful. Simple. Soothing.

Learn to vlog like Sueddu.

I'm Sueddu, a one-woman creator who records, edits, and uploads everyday vlogs. I don’t just "record" my life, but transform them into “masterpieces” that are both enjoyable to listen to and visually captivating.

That’s what I try to do as I create every video. I think because the numerous thoughts and hard work I put into my work are captured in the videos, people love the content I create.

And the thing is, I learned how to visualize, film, and edit videos ALL BY MYSELF.

I want to share my knowledge with you.

I didn’t start making videos from the beginning. As a photographer, I thought about how I could make my work more vivid, and that’s how I started to make videos. One by one, I learned the skills.

I believe that even beginners who know nothing about videos can easily follow along with my class. I will only share with you the necessary information you actually need to know.

From a cinematic color to monotonous composition to audio that comforts our ears, let’s add each element, one by one, until you get the perfect video.

With only the lighting in your home, you can create various moods, compose different and effective compositions in a restricted space, and find and insert the best-fitting audio.. The special quality in Sueddu’s vlogs come from differences in even the smallest details.

Let me show you how to shoot more beautiful scenes with the camera you have, and create a cinematic atmosphere with Adobe Premiere.

As a bonus I'll include tips for travel videos, free fonts, sound recordings, and how to manage your account as a YouTuber.

Part of this class will be filmed on Jeju Island. Let's explore Jeju Island's breathtaking views as well as how to make travel clips more beautiful.

There is such a vast multitude of free fonts and sounds available online, so it's often difficult trying to find good ones to use for vlogs. I'll show you how to find atmospheric fonts and sound recordings, as well as a few tips for managing your blossoming YouTube career.


  1. The Unparalleled Beginner's Course: Introducing Sueddu's vlogging class
  2. Meet Sueddu: daily life vlogger/youtuber and your instructor
  3. Camera, Premiere, and More: Let’s look at the materials needed for this course

01. Understanding and Envisioning About Vlogs

  1. Concept and Target Audience: How do you design a vlog based on your strengths?
  2. Analyzing Sueddu's Vlogs: What strengths does Sueddu play on?

02. Taking Higher Quality Videos Without Getting a New Camera

  1. Using 100% of Your Camera's Capabilities: Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  2. Filming at Home: How to get beautiful lighting
  3. Setting Up Your Camera: FPS and resolution
  4. Bonus! How Sueddu films with the lighting in her home

03. Capturing Stable Footage Like a Pro

  1. Lenses: Camera angles techniques in movies
  2. Posture: Learn how to film without shaking
  3. Verticals and horizontals, the golden ratio: Learn good composition
  4. Different Angles: How to get multiple scenes in a restricted space
  5. Bonus! You can take good videos with your cell phone!

04. Getting Started With Premiere and Creating a One-Minute Video

  1. Get acquainted with Premiere's panels and tools
  2. Things you need to know
  3. Let’s start some cut editing
  4. Non-shaky footage is a given! How to compensate for a shaky camera
  5. Finishing a one-minute video

05. Finding Your Color Scheme

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. Correcting the footage on Premiere with color correction
  3. Bonus! How to calibrate travel footage: A new preset

06. Inserting Subtitles, an Intro, and an Outro to Improve Completeness

  1. For your viewers: How to add subtitles
  2. Creating a simple intro/outro video
  3. Bonus! Where to find pretty and free fonts

07. Audio Editing Makes Videos More Rich

  1. Learn how to adjust existing sounds in your videos
  2. Adding appropriate music to the background
  3. Inserting sound effects to make your videos more vivid
  4. Bonus! A sound recording site I recommend
  5. Bonus! How do I use various sound effects and audio editing in my vlogs?

08. A New Beginning as a YouTube Vlogger

  1. How to safely save your finished videos
  2. Creating engaging thumbnails
  3. How to manage your subscribers


  1. Congratulations on completing the course!
  2. Bonus! Let’s make a video together with Sueddu

Vlogger Sueddu


Hello, I'm Sueddu, a youtuber and your instructor. I'm a one-woman creator who records, edits, and uploads everyday vlogs. It’s been a year since I’ve started and thankfully, many people liked my videos and I have more than 510,000 subscribers.

I don’t want to create videos just as a “record” but as my “products” that are enjoyable to both listen to and watch. That’s what I try to do as I create every video.

I've been interested in photography for years, and I've been working with design programs like Photoshop, Illustration, and InDesign. One day, I thought about how to make my work more vivid, so I started making videos and realized that it was not as difficult as I had feared.

  • People who want to cherish videos as more lively and precious
  • People who can’t start videos because they’re afraid it will be too hard
  • People who want to learn everything you need to know, from shooting to editing, in one class
  • People who want to create unique videos that differ from other people’s vlogs
  • This class is conducted using the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 program. You need to prepare Adobe Premiere Pro separately so you can take classes without any trouble.
  • The trial period of Adobe Premiere Pro is 7 days. After the trial version expires, you can no longer use the trial version. After that, you need to purchase the program to take classes without any trouble.
  • There are many configurations, conditions, and pricing options in the Adobe program purchasing system. Please refer to the official Adobe website for the exact prices and terms of the agreement.
  • The basic functions of the program will be covered in the class.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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Class Preparation

You need to have your own Adobe Premiere to take the class. For more information, please visit

Class Access

Class videos will be available by the Apr 1st, 2020. We will notify you via email regarding how to access to the class videos on the release date.

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