Cafe-Style Baking, At Home: Online Class for Beginners

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Finished~^^ It’s almost December, so I made Santa and Rudolph for Christmas. I should have used a 1 or 0 for the border… It’s too childish… But it’s for my kids’ dessert, so it doesn’t matter, right?

- by Kim So Yeon

There was a lot of work that went into making these, but after taking a bite, nothing mattered 💛 I made the dough with my new Ninja mixer, and it has greatly improved my quality of life hehehehe

-Yoon Geun Hwa

I feel so good after finishing!! It’s pretty, swee, and even tasty! ˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ Is there a way to make it more moist? Is the top supposed to be crusty?

-Bang Ji Yeon

Start Your Own Home Bakery

Have you ever wanted to create your own delicious pastries at home? You can learn how with this class! Ileonnal Cake will teach you how to make cupcakes, madeleines and even how to decorate cakes!

The Basic Skills of Baking

Studying baking techniques is boring. With Ileonnal Cake, you’ll learn through application. Through baking each dessert, you will learn different baking skills that you can then apply to making other desserts and pastries.

Caring For Your Food

You can’t get good products without care. You must care for your ingredients, your utensils, the baking process, and most importantly, when packaging your products. Learn about how to care for your pastries, and when you do, you’ll be able to see the difference!

Ileonnal Cake’s Specialty: Cube Cake

People come from all over Korea to try Ileonnal’s Cube Cakes. Ileonnal Cake has decided to reveal to you her recipes and techniques! Learn how to make these cute cube cakes and impress your friends and family with this unique dessert.

Ileonnal will also give you all the recipes of the pastries you will make in class!

Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

If you really love baking, you can turn it into your job! Ileonnal will show you how! From how to mass produce your pastries to how to store and keep track of all your ingredients to making sale-ready pastries, learn everything you need to know to start your own dessert business, including how to deal with mistakes and various obstacles that you may face.

Baking Made Easy.

Ileonnal Cake’s Baking Class.

Step 01 : Making Tart Crust

Tart crust is very delicate, making it hard to make. Learn how to make tart crusts that stay firm and crispy.

Step 02 : Baking Sheet Cakes

Baking a sheet cake is a long and tedious process. Ileonnal Cake will show you the quick and easy way to bake fluffy sheet cakes using a roll pan.

Step 03 : Adding Color to Cream

Just standard white cream is boring! Learn how to make various types of colored creams while making cube cakes.

Step 04 : Drawing Characters with Icing

Decorating can get messy and is intimidating because once you mess up, it’s hard to fix. Learn how to draw characters well to give your pastries a friendly and familiar look.

Step 05 : Cutting and Preparing Fruit

One of the big obstacles of fruit is that it browns! Ileonnal Cake will teach you how to prepare and store fruit to maintain its looks, but also prevent browning.

Step 06 : Packaging Pastries Like a Pro

It’s easy to keep your pastries beauty, and it’s easy to keep them tasty, but it’s a challenge to preserve both. Learn Ileonnal Cake’s techniques that will help keep the high quality of your baked goods.

Step 07 : Mass Production

Once people get a taste of your delicious pastries, they’ll keep asking for more! Learn about how to mass produce the desserts to keep your customers happy.

Welcome to Ileonnal Cake’s Baking Class

  1. Meet Ileonnal Cake’s Cheon Boram: patissier and your instructor
  2. About the class: Introducing my dessert baking class!
  3. About the materials: the ingredients and materials in your class package
  4. Additional materials needed for the course

01. The Principles of Baking

  1. How to use each utensil
  2. How to configure your oven for baking
  3. How to use the mixer: all the functions and detachable mixers

02. Refreshing and Sweet Lemon Madeleines

  1. Preparing the ingredients and tools and aging the madeleine dough
  2. Making and aging the madeleine dough
  3. How to bake moist and soft madeleines
  4. How to decorate your madeleines with lemon glaze and lemon chips
  5. How to store your madeleines to preserve beauty and taste
  6. Bonus: how to make kabocha and cream cheese madeleines

03. Crispy Cheese Tarts

  1. Preparing the ingredients and tools
  2. Preparing and aging the tart dough
  3. How to bake tarts to get a crispy texture
  4. Making the cheese filling
  5. Adding the filling, then baking again
  6. How to store your tarts to preserve beauty and taste

04. Soft Cream Cheese Brownies

  1. Preparing the ingredients and tools
  2. Preparing and aging the brownie dough
  3. Making the cream cheese frosting
  4. How to store your brownies to preserve beauty and taste
  5. Decorating your brownies with food coloring and toppings

05. Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

  1. Preparing the ingredients and tools
  2. Preparing and baking the cupcake dough for a soft texture
  3. Making the raspberry whipped cream
  4. How to decorate in different ways using toppings
  5. How to store your cupcakes to preserve beauty and taste

06. Vanilla Cube Cakes Using Seasonal Fruits

  1. Preparing the ingredients and tools
  2. Fruit: how to cut them appealingly and prevent browning
  3. Preparing the dough and baking it into a fluffy sheet cake
  4. Making whipping cream that isn’t too overwhelming
  5. How to gracefully arrange your cakes
  6. Bonus: fruit that is good for baking cakes

07. Chocolate Character Cube Cakes

  1. Preparing the ingredients and tools
  2. Preparing the dough and baking it into a fluffy sheet cake
  3. Making a soft and delicious ganache
  4. The most important element: making the cream cheese butter cream
  5. Practicing drawings: fruit
  6. Practicing drawings: dog
  7. Practicing drawings: facial expressions
  8. Practicing drawings: lettering
  9. How to gracefully arrange your cakes

Bonus: For the Business Owners

  1. Metrics for Mass Production
  2. Expiration dates and storing your ingredients/products

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: baking on your own

Patissier Ileonnal


Hello! I'm Ileonnal,a patissier and your instructor!

If I were to talk about myself a bit, I was a barista at a cafe for 6 years.

My dream was to have my own cafe, and I was interested in desserts that pair well with coffee.

In order to learn more professionally, I attended a baking school. I then opened my own dessert shop and currently, I am living a happy life making desserts!

I am also in the process of starting offline classes!

  • People who like to make things using their hands
  • People who like to draw or decorate things
  • People who work at or own a bakery, cafe, or things of that nature
  • People who are interested in baking

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