Photography and Editing, All from Your Phone: The Beginner’s Class

By Gyeonghoon

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Photography on Your Phone

Taken with the 2015 iPhone 6S+

You don’t need expensive photography gear to take amazing photos. This is a photo taken with the iPhone 6S + released in 2015. It goes to show that the cell phone that you carry in your pocket can make you a photographer in everyday life. I think it's the charm of a mobile phone that you can shoot right away whenever you want. In addition, you can retouch your photos with editing or upload them onto social media.

Are there limits to phone photography?

Taken with the 2017 iPhone X

Vintage food illustrations emphasized the texture and appearance of food by exaggerating the crunchiness of bread or the glistening of ice cubes. You will learn to capture the same feeling in your own drawings by the end of this course.

Class Goals

Taken with the 2017 iPhone X

In my class, you will learn how to maximize the quality of the photos that a mobile phone can produce. To do that, I will show you how to practice and understand the basics of shooting and editing! In particular, the effect of color is immense. Color can create photos with an individual style or professional feeling, so if you take the class and practice well, you can complete photos in your own color and style. Create your own photo album.

Capture moments with the basic camera app

Taken with the 2017 iPhone X

When shooting, I use the basic camera app, and most of the mobile phone shooting is in Auto mode. That's why there's not much to touch on the technical aspects of a camera like a DSLR. Even if you only learn how to use brightness, composition, and lens effects (portraits, live focus) in your photos, you can shoot plenty!


Taken with the 2017 iPhone X

From how to give an atmosphere to a photo according to the direction and angle of light, to how to compose a photo with the flow of lines and eyes so that all subjects in the frame can be combined, to using a different lens to give a sense of depth! Scenery, cafes, plants, portraits, etc. Let's capture the most beautiful moments that catch your gaze.

Edit the photos the way you want

Color correction isn’t as hard as you think! It's very fun to learn by changing colors in my photos! Currently, there are a lot of free editing apps, so you can correct high-quality color without buying Photoshop. In this class, we will use the free Lightroom application. I will teach you how to correct photos using Lightroom and learn basic color concepts for color correction!

For good correction, it's important to have a sense of color and how much color can be used in your photos. The color data of each photo is different, so even if the same correction value is applied, the feelings vary depending on which photo is applied.

Create An Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Let's upload completed photos one by one on Instagram. Establish a concept - cafe, food, travel, etc. - and create an Instagram account. I'll tell you everything from how to match the tone and manner of Instagram feeds to how to design the arrangement of your photos before uploading. Your Instagram account could be a way to express your artistic abilities. Create an aesthetic Instagram feed in your own style.


@savzak_market / A real student’s transformation


Taken with the 2017 iPhone X


Taken with the 2017 iPhone X

Since the phone I am using is an iPhone, the class curriculum will be based on the iPhone. Android phones have only a slight difference in how photos are taken, and the basic principles of shooting and editing are the same, so you shouldn’t have much trouble no matter what phone you have!

Capture high quality images on your phone.

Photography with Gyeonghoon.

Step 01 : Using a smartphone camera

Technology has advanced so far. Nowadays the cameras on your phone are good enough to take amazing photos. Learn about the functions of your phone’s camera and how to use it to its best ability.

Step 02 : Utilizing Light

Depending on how light is used, many different moods can be portrayed. Learn about the different effects of light and how to use it to get an atmospheric shot.

Step 03 : Understanding Basic Colors

To understand your photo, you must first understand colors. Learn about colors using the color wheel, then learn how to identify the colors that fit your photos.

Step 04 : The Basics of Editing

You can edit to make your photos look more vivid using the free Lightroom app. Learn about Lightroom’s basic functions and how to use them to edit your photos.

Step 05 : Finding Your Concept

Popular Instagram influencers all have their own Instagram feed concepts. Learn about what makes a concept visually appealing, and how to find your own concept and aesthetic.

Step 06 : Organizing Your Instagram Feed

Instagram feeds need to be well organized to be effective in their visual appeal. Learn how to set the tone and manner to match your concept and design your feed around it.

Welcome to Gyeonghoon’s Photography Class

  1. Introducing the class: Photography on your smartphone
  2. Meet Gyeonghoon: Photographer and your instructor
  3. What do you need to take photos on your phone?

01. Basic Photoshoot Techniques

  1. Setting up your phone camera
  2. Creating atmosphere with points and exposure
  3. How does exposure affect image data?
  4. Getting composition using lines and perspective
  5. How light affects a photo’s atmosphere
  6. How angles and distance affect distortion
  7. Giving depth with a telephoto lens (for dual, triple cameras)

02. Photography Practice

  1. For clean images: Food Photography
  2. For atmospheric images: Cafe Photography
  3. For vivid images: Landscape Photography
  4. For tranquil images: Plant Photography
  5. For everyday images: Daily Photography

03. Basic Lightroom Techniques

  1. Understanding histograms
  2. Controlling contrast using the light panel
  3. Controlling tone using the color temperature panel
  4. Controlling individual colors using the Color HSL
  5. How to use color curves
  6. Getting a vintage look with vignette and grain
  7. How to get sharp images with noise reduction

04. Editing Practice

  1. How to guess and apply colors using the color wheel
  2. Editing food photos focusing on color
  3. How to correct a white tone interior into pink light
  4. Editing an interior image for a luxurious and smooth mood
  5. Correcting sunset photos with beautiful pink colors
  6. Retouching plant photos to highlight their green charm
  7. Editing photos with fairy-tale pastel tones

05. Planning Your Instagram Feed

  1. Why is Instagram important?
  2. The effect and importance of a visual feed
  3. Analyzing the feeds of Instagram influencers
  4. Visualizing your own Instagram feed concept
  5. Choosing photos that match your concept

06. Instagram Practice

  1. How to edit to match your concept using colors
  2. Correcting for a calm tone concept
  3. The different effects and atmospheres of cropping an image
  4. Laying out your feed before uploading

07. Tips for Better Results

  1. Researching images that will help you improve your feed
  2. Tips to help you get atmosphere when taking photos

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Gyeonghoon’s parting thoughts

Photographer Gyeonghoon



Hello, I’m Gyeonghoon. I take and edit photos on my smartphone.

I like using colors to take photos with my own special atmosphere and feel. I am currently working on using various colors. You can also study colors and learn to make your own photos.

When I first started photography as a hobby, I think I carried my camera everywhere. But at some point, the heaviness of the camera began to push my interest, and I naturally began to move away from photography. Then I tried taking pictures on my mobile phone and started taking photography again. That's how my cell phone photography career. My first smartphone was an iPhone!

  • People who usually take a lot of photos on the phone
  • People who want to express depth and create their own color
  • People who want to learn photos, but are burdened with equipment or find cameras heavy
  • People who actively engage in social media activities such as Instagram and Facebook
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby
  • Classes will be conducted with the free version of the Mobile Lightroom. This program is essential to take the class. How to use the application will be fully covered in the class.
  • The trial period of Adobe Light Room is 7 days. After the trial version expires, you can no longer use the trial version. After that you need to purchase the program to take classes without any trouble.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation

You need to have your own Adobe Lightroom to take the class. For more information, please visit

Class Access

We will send you an email with a webpage link and a personalized code to access the videos within 24 hours of purchase.

Q. Is it possible to take classes using a Galaxy or Android models other than iPhone?

A. There are slight differences in color and shooting techniques depending on the model, but the principle of taking and correcting pictures is the same, so you can take it without any difference depending on the model!


Q. Should I create an Instagram?

A. Instagram is optional but personally recommended. In fact, if you finish the class, the satisfaction of those who use Instagram is higher than those who do not. Perhaps it's because they see more and more pride in their photos if they see them on Instagram!

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