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1. Learn at your own pace in this 52-week online course.
Artistic guidance & feedback from the artist themselves
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4. English subtitles (Original audio in Korean)

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Step 01 : Master Ableton LIVE

Set and learn Ableton LIVE with a wide genre of MIDI programs to suit your environment.

Step 02 : Beats, Chords, Rhythms, Effects

Learn about the basics of creating 16-measure instrumentals

Step 03 : Sound Tuning

Learn to touch up the sound through audio effects, step by step

Step 04 : Building your Brand

How to build your own artistic realm beyond signature sound and music.

Composers of the chart-topping hits Bluemoon, Boong Boong, & Paradise. K-Pop's leading producing duo, Groovyroom, presents an exclusive online course on music production.

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In a MASTERCLASSformat, Korean producer duo Groovyroom teaches YOU music producing via a fun and informative online course that’ll give you the skills of a hit-making pop producer.

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"Make it different!"

With their signature sound, "Groovy Everywhere"

Groovyroom rules the K-Pop scene.

As a fiercely popular K-Pop producer, Groovyroom has worked with leading artists like Jay Park, Haon Kim, Dynamic Duo, Chungha, Heize, Hyorin (Sistar), & Younha. Their work with Haon Kim (Boong Boong) won them the champion trophy of Mnet's survival music reality TV show, Highschool Rapper Season 2. This beloved celebrity producing duo has composed over 140 songs in genres ranging from Boom Bap & Trap HipHop to R&B & Tropical dance music.

 Live your dream of becoming the world’s next top music producer with Groovyroom. Learn how to create your own music without spending a fortune on gear! Take your music & skills to the next level!!

Check out the beats made by the students who took this class!

Created for beginners to semi-pros

From the basics of DAW(Ableton LIVE 10) to training in beats, rhythms, & codes. This course is for a wide range of music producers. Groovyroom starts with teaching the basics of using DAW (digital audio workstation) & moves on to giving you specific in-depth guides to writing hit songs. Plus, Groovyroom also reveals their favorite, secret project.

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Lesson Plan

12 Chapters

15 Videos

11 Missions

Intro to Music Production

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Chapter1. Intro to Music Production

Using Ableton LIVE 10

Chapter2. Setting-up Ableton LIVE 10

Two videos about how to download and set-up digital audio workstation program, Ableton LIVE 10.

Chapter3. Using Ableton LIVE 10

How to utilize and get familiar with Ableton LIVE 10.

Rhythms, Beats, Codes

Chapter4. Rhythms & Beats

Two videos about how to create remarkable rhythms & beats using kicks, hi hats, or snares.

Chapter5. Scales & Codes

Choose your codes to create melodies.

Chapter6. Applying Your New Knowledge

Two videos on how to apply the skills you've learned. Groovyroom deconstructs songs by Owen Ovadoz, Beenzino, & Sik-K to show you how rhythm making works.

VSTis and Audio Effects

Chapter7. Virtual Studio Technology Instruments

Find out which virtual instruments Groovyroom uses to make their hits! 

Chapter8. Audio Effects

Using audio effects - EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb.

Mix & Mastering

Chapter9. Mixing & Mastering, Recording

Let's put the sounds together.

Groovyroom shows how they mix, master, and record a project.

Artist Branding & Selling

Chapter10. Artist Branding

If you want to become an artist, you need to care about branding yourself. How did Groovyroom create their style? You're about to find out in this tutorial.

Chapter11. Selling

Branding yourself, promoting your music, sales, & property rights. Groovyroom talks about their experiences in the hip-hop scene.

Your Music Everywhere

OUTRO. Your Music Everywhere

Chat with Groovyroom. It's now your show & your time to rule the pop music charts!


Preparing for the course

Is DAW or any keyboard included in the package?

No. You have to prepare DAW programs (Ableton recommended) or keyboards on your own. But you can access them easily online.

Price policy

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You can’t get these special rates for much longer. While you can purchase this course anytime you want, only a certain number of signups are being sold at the sale price. Once they’re all sold the price goes up! Buy now if you’re at all interested so you can take advantage of this steep discount!

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