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GRAY teaches Music Production and Beatmaking

Music producer GRAY takes you behind the boards to teach you his process for creating iconic tracks with artists like Loco, Woo Wonjae, GIRIBOY, and Jay Park. In his first-ever online class, learn how to layer new tracks and create hooks that stick. Step into GRAY’s studio and learn from one of the industry’s most innovative hit makers.

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What You Will Learn

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Cubase and VsTi

Getting used to Digital Audio Workstation

Virtual Instruments

Chord structures and progressions


Breaking Down a hit track by GRAY

A to Z of a hit track

Vocal Recording

Doubling and Chorus

Using Effects

Vocal Sound Design

GRAY 's Discography

Click the image see the music GRAY has produced for the following artists.

with LOCO

Hold tight (2014)
You don't know (2014)
Too much (2017)

with Jay Park

MOMMAE (2015)
Metronum (2014)
Drive (2016)

with Woo Wonjae & BWhy

We are (2017)
Day Day (2016)
Curtain Call (2017)


Just do it (2015)
Summer Night (2016)
l'm Fine (2017)



1. Hello, This is Producer Gray.
2. Intro Mission

Bonus Package by. Class 101 Signature (26min)

1. Quick Guide on Setting the Equipment

01. DAW: Understanding & Usage (95min)

1. Understanding DAW 1 | Understanding the basic interface, Shortcuts

2. Understanding DAW 2 | BPM, Key Commands

3. DAW utilization 1 | Audio / MIDI, Stereo / Mono, Transpose

4. DAW utilization 2 | Cubase built-in plug-in, Paid plug-in

5. Mission

02 Harmonics: What makes Gray’s music so trendy (120min)

1. Basic Harmonics | Scale, Tone, Foremost

2. Various Chord Progressions 1 | Various chords, Notations, Chord copies

3. Various Chord Progressions 2 | Money chord

4. Various Chord Progressions 3 | Diatonic chords

5. Various Chord Progressions 4 | Why is the first chord so important?

6. Harmonics Mission - What makes Gray’s music so trendy

7. Listening Mission Guide / Chord Copy Mission Answer Guide

03 Real Beat Making I (143min)

1. Real Beat Making I (1) | Tempo, Beat, Key, Chord progression, Instrumental composition

2. Real Beat Making I (2) | Instrumental arrangements, Plug-in usage & extraction

3. Real Beat Making I (3) | Use of various paid virtual instruments

4. Mission

04 Real Beat Making II (67min)

1. Real Beat Making II (1) | Trap beat composition

2. Recording and Real Beat Making II (2) | Vocal MIX retaining various plug-ins

3. Mission

05 Voice Samples Used Like Instruments (47min)

1. Sampler track | Voice Sampling <Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook>

2. Utilizing Sampler track | <It’s Been Awhile> by Loco (feat. Zion T)

3. Mission

06 First Exclusive Release! Gray's Open Track I (31min)

1. <It’s Been Awhile> by Loco (feat. Zion T)

2. Mission

07 First Exclusive Release! Gray's Open Track II (35min)

1. <On It> by Jay Park (feat.DJ Wegun) / <Simon Dominic> by Simon Dominic

2. Mission

08 First Exclusive Release! Gray's Open Track III (40min)

1. <Forever> by BewhY (1)

2. <Forever> by BewhY (2)

3. Mission

09 First Exclusive Release! Gray's Open Track IV (15min)

1. <Two Melodies> by Zion. T (feat. Crush) / <Are You Listening?> by Swings

2. Mission

10 First Exclusive release! Gray's Open Track V (17min)

1. <We Are> by Woo Won Jae (feat. Loco & Gray)

2. Mission


1. It’s time to create your own music

10 Questions with GRAY
On his First-ever Online Course

Q Is this your first time teaching music production?

A Before I became a member of the music label aomg, I used to do 1:1 personal lessons.

Of course I did group lessons as well after I joined the aomg crew. I’ve had some very successful students. Producers and rappers like Apro, Woo Wonjae, and Loco had 1:1 lessons with me. I personally think we grew together during our lessons. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed teaching others. For that reason, I’m really excited about this online course as well.

Q What do you think is exclusive about this online course?

A Breaking down the creation of my hit songs.

I’m breaking down the creation process of my most successful tracks in this course. I’m more than confident that you will be satisfied with the class contents. We will be following step by step through my process of creation.

Q What does opening up your studio and production process mean to you?

A I'm opening up everything about myself.

When I was an amateur producer, I always wanted to peep into the studios of successful producers. I used to wonder "How can they make such unique sounds? Why can't I do like that?" And after I became a successful producer myself, that was precisely what my students were asking me as well. That's why I'm opening up my studio and production process in this course. It is something you can never get elsewhere.

Q Which tracks of yourself are you going to be breaking down?

A Wait to see! I will never disappoint you, though.

I'll be releasing the list of tracks I am breaking down in this course on 12/17 with the full curriculum.

Q Do you know any other producers who have opened up their production process?

A Just very short tutorial clips on Youtube, maybe?

But I don't think there are free Youtube clips that teach you from the beginning to the end. They may show you how professional producers create beats, but will never help you how to catch fist. That's where I'm focusing on as I'm preparing for this course.

Q Can beginners take and follow this course as well?

A Yes, of course.

I never majored in music, and I am a self taught artist myself. So I know what beginners are fond of, and what makes them confused. That’s why I am confident that I can guide you through the beginning of production.

Q Isn’t music all about talent? Is it something I can learn?

A Everything is about effort, really.

I thought I was a prodigy in music when I first started production. But now I listen to the tracks I produced then and laugh. There may be some very small number of super talented people, but most artists have put in a lot of effort to get where they are right now. But not all practice is good. There are ways to maximize your growth. I will tell you the shortcuts that I came to know through hundreds of failures in this class. You can just listen and follow.

Q I’m worried the course might be too difficult or too easy.

A I’m trying my best to satisfy beginners and experienced producers at the same time.

From beginners who haven’t produces music through MIDI and are new to chord structures to experienced producers who’s used to DAWs and have produced some tracks, I am looking into different classmates’ needs and trying my best to even out the curriculum for all of them.

Q I don’t use Cubase. Can I use a different DAW for this course?

A Anything is fine, really.

I think all DAWs are quite similar in structure. Even if you use Logic or Ableton, there won’t be so much of a problem following this course. I frankly think chord structures and musical senses are more important than what kind of functions or DAWs you use.

Q Your last word to classmates waiting for class videos?

A I hope this becomes the beginning of your own career as a producer.

I dream of the day when I can meet my own classmate from Class101 who’s become a professional producer. Or hearing someone’s shout out to me in shows like <Show Me the Money>. Till that day, stay strong and enjoy the process. I sincerely hope I can be a great help to you all.

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