Visually Stunning Vlogs: Learn How to Start a Vlog From a Professional Video Editor

By Gieun

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Vlogging as an Art Form

Vlogging started out as a way of sharing your life with the world, vacations, special events, and even just daily life. But now it has evolved into something more: an art form. Beginners and experienced bloggers alike, this class will walk you through how to create engaging and visually captivating vlogs while keeping your own unique style.

Take a look at the video below if you’re curious to see what kind of vlogs you’ll be making.

This is a vlog from a month I spent living in Porto, Portugal. Many people watched my vlog series and asked me about how I edited my videos.

You don't have to have a good camera, a beautiful place, or special talents.

In the two years I’ve been making videos, I have a lot of vlogs taken with my smartphone.

You don't need a special occasion or event to vlog. I film in everyday places! I also believe that you can make impactful videos even if you’re not super talented. Like how each person has their own unique charms, your vlogs will have their own unique flavor and charisma.

Through this class, you can make your own vlog a bit more vivid and really capture the emotions of the moment! I want to help you remember those special moments and feelings any time you rewatch your videos.

Easy, yet effective vlogging skills that anyone can master!

For those who are awkward with technology, I'm going to teach you easy ways to use video editing software. Learn the basics of video editing by creating and completing your very own vlog. The first time you start something you don't know, it's hard. I'll make sure it comes to you very easily. Get started with video editing, easily :)

For those who find it hard to look at the camera and talk, I will help you make a vlog with subtitles and narrations. It doesn't matter what skill level you are, you can do it! To check your progress, there will be filming homework each chapter, and as a bonus, I will give you helpful filming tips.

Your “Vlog Story” made with Premiere Pro!

In addition to how to use the basic Premiere Pro tools, I'll show you how to create a story through your blog! Learn how to make tasteful videos with only a few shots and clips and basic vlogging tools.

The tips I'm going to share are perfect for when you feel like you don’t have enough content to make a video. Even though it's ambiguous as to whether or not you can create a quality vlog, but if you establish a concept before assembling your video, your final product will be amazing!

If you follow my classes, you will be able to, without a doubt, complete an entire video. And after class, you will be ready to start your own vlogging career! :)

Start a vlog with me and document your precious moments in different colors and feels!

Step 01 : Vlogging Guidelines

Anyone can vlog! Learn what goes into planning vlogs, and how to get started on your own.

Step 02 : Filming Techniques

Gieun has developed her own method of filming vlogs. Learn how to shoot sensational vlogs like Gieun.

Step 03 : The Foundations of Premiere Pro

This class primarily uses the editing software Adobe Premiere Pro. From the must-know basics to more advanced editing techniques, learn how to put together your vlogs.

Step 04 : Finding References

Research is a good way to find fitting references that you can use to compare to your own vlogs. Learn where and how to find these references.

Step 05 : Animating Your Videos

Editing is not just cutting and pasting video clips together. Learn how to make visually appealing videos using color correction, layouts, and subtitles.

Step 06 : Creating Your Opening Scene

The opening is what draws in your viewers. Learn how to create an opening that stimulates people’s curiosity.

Step 07 : Adding Tasteful Background Music

Learn ways you can take your vlogs to the next level, with aesthetically pleasing sounds that fill the ears.

Welcome to Gieun’s Editing Class

  1. Introducing Gieun’s Class: Get to know editing through vlogging
  2. Meet Gieun: Editor, writer and your instructor
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro: Introducing the program

01. Getting Started

  1. Go With the Flow: How to plan out your vlog’s story
  2. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How: Making sure you cover your bases

02. Let’s Film Your Vlog!

  1. Shooting Your Vlog: Everything you need to know, from the 1/3 ratio to filming on the go.
  2. Before Editing: Camera settings and organizing your video clips

03. Premiere Pro Bootcamp

  1. Getting to Know the Tools: Setting up your workspace and frequently used shortcuts
  2. Trimming, Pan and Zoom, and Changing Orders: Techniques for more engaging videos

04. On Photos

  1. Embellishing your videos with photos: How to assemble your photos and add sound and visual effects
  2. Lumetri Color Panel: White Balance, Exposure, Opacity, Levels, and Color Extraction

05. Narration and Subtitles

  1. Narration: Making your script
  2. Narration: Recording and putting in your audio
  3. Subtitles: Gieun’s recommended font website
  4. Subtitles: How to add subtitle effects like Gieun

06. Layouts

  1. Let’s Research: Where and how to find your layout references
  2. Back to Premiere Pro: How to make layouts

07. The Opening

  1. Let’s Research: Where and how to find your opening references
  2. Transitions: Learn how to apply frequently used transition techniques

08. Skillful Finishing Touches

  1. Background Music: Finding background music without copyright issues
  2. Back to Premiere Pro: Effectively inserting your background music
  3. Adobe Photoshop Sketch: Adding your own personal touch

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In Closing: Gieun’s last message to you

Writer and Video Editor Gieun

@editor_gieun 🎥Youtube

Hello. I’m Gieun, a video editor and writer who uses words and videos to create content.

I like work that involves expressing myself.

One day, while I was writing, I decided that I wanted to express my work in a picture, and so I started to study Photoshop, and another day, I wanted to express my work as a video, and so I started to study videography.

I started doing this, and one day, I found myself writing review articles, taking appropriate pictures to fit the articles, filmed videos, and even started starring in the videos! Additionally, I started editing the videos as well.

I will tell you everything I’ve learned, sometimes things I learned on my own, sometimes with the help of teachers on Youtube, some things I’ve learned from taking videography classes.

  • People who want to learn how to produce videos, but are having difficulty learning by themselves
  • People who want to make vlogs, but don’t know where to start
  • People who struggle to find time to take an offline class
  • This class is conducted using the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 program. You need to prepare Adobe Premiere Pro separately so you can take classes without any trouble.
  • The trial period of Adobe Premiere Pro is 7 days. After the trial version expires, you can no longer use the trial version. After that, you need to purchase the program to take classes without any trouble.
  • There are many configurations, conditions, and pricing options in the Adobe program purchasing system. Please refer to the official Adobe website for the exact prices and terms of the agreement.
  • The basic functions of the program will be covered in the class.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

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Class Preparation

You need to have your own Adobe Premiere to take the class. For more information, please visit

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