An Online Beaurit Class: Home Training and Pilates for Correcting Body Posture

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Pilates, all from the comfort of your own room

The pilates exercise tool from Find Your Beauty that took 14 years to develop, the beaurit.

While busy modern people are thinking about how to easily exercise themselves, Find Your Beauty developed exercise tools and burettes. If you have a beaurit, anyone can do Home Pilates & Home Training, anytime, anywhere, easily and efficiently. In this class, I will show you how to exercise yourself to correct posture and body shape by using a beaurit!

Smartphones and computers control our lives

Is my body okay?

Posture collapses when you stare at a computer, while you bend your neck over your phone.

We live with a lot of physical problems, such as tense necks and pelvic dislocation, due to sitting too long in front of a computer. Not long ago, researchers from the UK announced this dire future of humanity.

It is important to correct your posture in order to save your increasingly lean body from the crisis. Every posture you take in your daily life. But how do you get your movements right during a day of countless actions? Change your daily life with Find Your Beauty.

For a healthy beauty

"We believe the effort you make today for your body can change your life"

Hello, this is Find Your Beauty's Byul. We've been working out with over 10,000 students over the past few years. Find You Beauty is changing the way people love themselves and live happier lives.

Why do you exercise?

Even if your body is in trouble or your muscles are hurting, isn't it forcibly exercising because of the compulsion to exercise? Aren't you just obsessed with the seemingly thin body? The exercise that bothers me may actually make your body and mind weaker.

In this class, we will show you how we take care of our precious bodies and minds. Anyone who has never exercised before, or who is suffering from excessive exercise is welcome.

Your self-deformed posture and body shape. You can care for it.

I played cello for over 10 years and suffered a lot from my distorted body. So I have researched my body for 14 years, studying dozens of existing treatments and exercises. I realized that in order to preserve my healthy beauty for a long time while changing my wrong posture and body shape, I had to be able to manage my body by myself.

Sol, the other representative of Find Your Beauty, worked as a designer and neglected to take care of the most important thing: caring for her body and health. After spending four years, day and night, working on the computer, she realized that living busy while neglecting her body is a direction that could never work in the long run.

I think we should be willing to give ourselves the time to take care of our body for even just five minutes as a part of our daily routines, along with getting up every morning, washing our face and applying lotion.

Easy and simple steps. My healthiest and most beautiful posture and body shape

A bulky Pilates mechanism worth $5000

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscle core that you can follow anytime, anywhere with a beaurit.

The Beaurit home set is a product developed with experts who studied for a year to easily mimic Pilates movements at home. If you have a beaurit, you will be able to find a healthy and right body anytime, anywhere.

If it isn't easy to maintain your posture normally,

If you were burdened with the time and cost of registering at the Pilates Center,

If you can’t decide which exercises to do,

Byul and Sol's class will be of great help. To help your body be healthy, we will help you find the right posture and body shape!

Learning in theory and exercise

Systematic beaurit movements

This class is composed of theoretical parts that convey information about postures and exercise parts that provide detailed information about movements. Students will master the knowledge of correct posture through the theory lessons and learn the movements perfectly with the detailed teaching of 120,000 influencers. If you follow the curriculum, you will be able to fully experience three effects: strengthening muscles, correcting posture, and relaxing muscles.

  • Objectively checking my body
  • Correct walking, fine walking
  • Breathing and core strengthening
  • Pelvic Correction & Exercises
  • Shoulder Correction & Exercises
  • Hip exercises
  • Self care massages

By the end of the class, you’ll know each action in detail so that there is no question mark on your head when you exercise. Thanks to the systematic curriculum, you will be able to exercise yourself after class.

Strength training is not the end!

Time to massage your hardened body delicately

For correct posture, relaxation as well as strength training is important. You need to relax your tense muscles when using your smartphone and computer all day. Our body can have the most beautiful form when it is relaxed.

Back muscle relaxation

Neck muscle relaxation

I will tell you how to massage the tense muscles delicately after exercise through the relaxation movements that release stiff muscles. On days when it is too difficult to exercise, help your body circulate through massage movements. You will be able to loosen your tense body delicately. Feel your body get lighter and your condition better even after hard workouts!

Find your most beautiful and healthy posture and body shape.

SELF BEAURIT REPORT to be used in class

This class is to change posture and body shape to the most beautiful and healthy state you can achieve. When you see your body as a house, you can think of building it again. It's not just about the realm of weight, it's about changing your life. Byul and Sol will lead you to sophisticated classes and products so that you can do it yourself.


However, it takes time and a patient mind to get the results you want. If the numbers on the scale are important, we recommend that you choose a different exercise method. We spend a lot of time studying life. However, you do not learn how to manage your body. The first area we should study is your body.

Students who are studying Find Your Beauty and their bodies

Your body is the only constant in this rapidly changing era. Spend a little time on something that will affect you forever. You will be able to recover your healthiest body faster than you think. When you're ready, let's get started!

Healthy exercise, healthy life.

An exercise class by Byul and Sol.

Step 01 : Pilates at Home

You no longer need to go to the gym to learn how to do pilates. Learn how to use the burette tool for Pilates movements that you can do at home.

Step 02 : Relaxation Before Exercise

Relaxation is key if you want to utilize your muscles to their full potential. Learn how to listen to your body and check your muscles for relaxation.

Step 03 : Mastering the Right Posture in Life

The first step to a healthy life is healthy posture. Learn how to use correct body shapes and postures to get a healthy, wide open posture.

Step 04 : Strengthening Your Core Muscles

Pilates is all about core. Learn correct core control principles and learn effective core strengthening behavior using the beaurit tools.

Step 05 : Managing Your Hips, Shoulders, and Pelvis

The beaurit can also be used to control other parts of your body. Learn how to correct pelvic alignment and help you find the original beautiful shoulder line and hidden hips.

Step 06 : Self-Massage Techniques

To protect your body, you must know how to massage it properly so that you can keep your exercise habits high. Learn how to massage to take care of your muscles and body.

Step 07 : Byul and Sol’s Personal Beaurit Routines

Exercise consistently based on what you learned! We will optimize routines for every part of your body. After class, you should be able to work out on your own!

Welcome to Arden and Sol’s Beaurit Exercise Class

  1. Meet Arden and Sol: your instructors
  2. Take a look at the class package: What is beaurit?

01. Week One: The First Steps to Recreating Your Body

  1. A checklist for your current body
  2. How to walk properly 101
  3. Mission: Finewalking in your daily life

02. Week Two: The Basics of Beaurits

  1. How to use the beaurit
  2. Relaxation, the base step fully utilizing your muscles
  3. How to massage yourself: Neck, shoulders, and head
  4. Preparation for alignment: Back, waist, and hips
  5. Mission: Everyday relaxation

03. The Foundation to Perfect Posture, the Center of Your Body

  1. How to practice breathing for precise core control
  2. Essential core muscle strengthening action to protect the waist
  3. Feeling Your Core Muscles Through Pilates
  4. Movements for your spine
  5. [Mission] Mastering Core Reinforcement Project-Day 1
  6. [Mission] Mastering Core Reinforcement Project-Day 2
  7. [Mission] Mastering Core Reinforcement Project-Day 3
  8. [Mission] Mastering Core Reinforcement Project-Day 4
  9. [Mission] Mastering Core Reinforcement Project-Day 5
  10. [Mission] Mastering Core Reinforcement Project-Day 6
  11. [Mission] Mastering Core Reinforcement Project-Day 7

04. Week Three: Beaurit Pilates in Your Room

  1. How to correct the alignment of your pelvis
  2. Movements to increase the mobility of your hip joint
  3. Use weight and relaxation to correct alignment of your pelvis
  4. Strengthening your core and caring for your pelvis at the same time
  5. Reviewing everything into a routine
  6. Bonus: Movements for good pelvic care

05. Week Four: Using the Beaurit to Unfold Your Shoulders

  1. 000 management for curved shoulders
  2. Necessary movements for a rising trapezius
  3. Four movements that help with round shoulders

06. Plus! Attitude That Will Help Form Your Figure a Year Later

  1. Your posture controls your life 1
  2. Your posture controls your life 2

07. Week Five: Using the Beaurit to Maintain Your Hips

  1. Beaurit hip exercises level 1: Finding the stimulation point of your hip muscles
  2. Sculpting your hip: Creating shape

08. Beaurit Cleanup Routine

  1. A routine for when your body is in good condition
  2. A routine to care for every inch of your body

Bonus! Arden and Sol’s Secrets to Continuous Exercise

History of exercise: The mindset for a healthy life

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Arden and Sol’s closing thoughts

Creators Byul and Sol


Hello, we are your instructors Byul and Sol. We have taught more than 10,000 students in the past few years, and many people start exercising for their health at first, but they tend to stop as they get sick or tired, or if they are unable to exercise for some reason. I have seen a lot of giving up.

The reason we exercise is to make our bodies healthy and make life better and happier. In the process, I think it should be a moment full of more positivity and joy than any other time when you move your body and love yourself more and more. Invest time and effort for yourself.

Through this class, you will overcome 'what's a good exercise move here?' through the act of exercise, comfort, save, put down, and at the end of class, you will surely grow stronger and work harder. Learn to love yourself.

The slogan of the Beaurit class is, "We believe that one day of striving for healthy beauty changes lives." Every day after taking a class, those moments will accumulate so that you can change your life.

  • People who want to correct their bad posture and correct their body shape
  • People who want to spend time on their body
  • People who have trouble finding time to exercise due to busy schedules
  • People who want to refine their body line
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos on as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

Quadpay is available for the payment! Your order will be split into 4 installments paid over 6 weeks! To find out more, please visit Quadpay.

Class Preparation

If you have purchased the “All-in-one package,” we will ship your package within the next 4 business days & it may take less than 2 weeks to get the package. We will also send you a tracking number after we send the package. Due to the duration of delivery, your access will be extended to 22 weeks.

Class Access

We will send you an email with a webpage link and a personalized code to access the videos within 24 hours of purchase. Please check your inbox or spam!


Q. Why is the curriculum divided into theoretical classes and athletic classes?

A. In general, when it comes to 'exercise class', it is easy to recall only learning to move with the body, but having the right knowledge of the body is also very important. Since our time of exercise is much longer than that of our day of exercise, our daily posture should be given priority over exercise, and to do that we need to correct our posture. We will provide guidelines for correcting posture habits through theoretical classes.

Q. I've never exercised before. Can I still follow along?

A. If you've never worked out before, it's much more beneficial to add a new area of ​​exercise to your lifestyle, so you can build a strong foundation. To help people who are unfamiliar with exercise continue to do so, they will be able to embody the way they exercise more quickly by telling them what to do and how to manage it at home.

Q. Do I really need a Beaurit Home Kit?

A. Yes, the curriculum of this class is a configuration that teaches you how to do home pilates and home training with a beaurit home set, so you need a beaurit home set to take the class. Also, since it is a workout that can be performed only on the mat, you must also prepare a yoga mat.

Q. I want to buy only the class ticket!

A. Please refer to the Class 101 webpage, so you can purchase only the ticket!

Q. What is the difference between the video and the classes on YouTube?

A. Class 101 is a class recommended for those who are willing to change their lives through a healthy body. It is divided into theories and practical exercise parts throughout the class, and it is a curriculum that includes not only simple beaurit exercise movements, but also a know-how about everyday posture habits, mind, and healthy life from your instructors Byul and Sol :) Just do it!

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