Awe-Inspiring Travel Videos: Online Class By An Daihoon

By An Daihoon

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4. English subtitles (Original audio in Korean)

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What better way to capture your happiest moments traveling the world than with videos?

Videographer An Daihoon’s Travel Video Class

Hello, I am An Daihoon. I am producing a variety of travel videos as the head of the 'Travel for Travel' video team, the biggest travel community in Korea. While working as a travel video creator, I think I have experienced a lot of things that I could never have even imagined before.

This was my very first travel video. Through this video, I relive the emotions and feelings that I felt during my trip to Italy.

If you felt bad because you couldn’t record moments from your past trips or if you want to record a future trip without missing a single moment, you have come to the right place! As I have always been concerned about the field of travel videos, I will tell you the secrets of planning, shooting, and editing, optimized for travel videography.

It's not too difficult! Concentrate on the skills you need to record your trip.

It is true that video is a deep and difficult field where there are separate professionals for planning, shooting, sound, and editing. However, I don't think I need to learn all those difficult skills professionally for the travel videos that capture the special moments from my travels. In this class, we will select and focus on the skills necessary for making travel videos!

If you don't plan the video ahead of time, you'll be stressed out throughout your trip. If you plan ahead, you will definitely be shooting when you travel, and you can see the direction you want to edit in when you come back! Learn to plan where, what and how to shoot in advance to make creating your travel videos more efficient!

Learn how to record what you see a bit more beautifully! You will be able to capture the fleeting moments of your trips without fail. Also, let's make a video that doesn't get boring even after watching it a thousand times with creative shooting composition!

In addition to the basic principles of videography, I will teach you the main skills required for travel videos and all the elements that I consider important. From music to screen transitions, fast speeds to color adjustments! I will tell you about the technologies you saw in my travel video!

This is a video where I taught my girlfriend about video editing and then she edited it all by herself! You can make your own travel videos too!

The moments that fill our hearts become blurry over time and are eventually forgotten.

An Daihoon will help you to make a video that not only will help you love and remember the trip, but convey those moments of happiness and joy to your family, loved ones, and anyone who sees your videos.

Want to record your trip in an extraordinary way? Let’s do it together!

I'll give you all the knowledge I’ve accumulated by my experience thus far. Videos can contain not only videos but also pictures, texts, and sounds, making it the ideal form for remembering your trips. Do you want to document your memories with me?

Special gift from Ahn Dae-hoon, video director
I thought a lot about how you can make higher quality travel videos! So I decided to give you two special gifts! Make great videos with me!

  • Everyone who applied for the class will receive AH Dae-hoon's color correction image filter (LUT) and shooting source!
  • Special gifts can be downloaded from class notes after launch.
  • Check out the video below to see what happens when you apply the color correction image filter!

Step 01 : Plan Your Travel Videos and Make a Format

An Daihoon will teach you to visualize a concept and brainstorm how you will shoot, so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Step 02 : The Basics of Creative Shooting

Travel videos should inspire viewers to pack their bags and go travel. Learn about the creative shooting process and how to apply it when filming.

Step 03 : Videos Have No Meaning Without Sound

Sound is half of the video. Learn about how to choose and purchase the perfect song while avoiding copyright issues.

Step 04 : A Crash Course on Editing

From the must-know basics to more advanced editing techniques, learn how to put together your travel videos for that awe-inspiring effect.

Step 05 : Editing Techniques for High Quality Videos

Editing and transitions contribute to making your videos magical. Learn various techniques to make your travel videos more colorful and stunning.

Step 06 : Complete Your Own Video

It’s time to put your creative capabilities to the test! With director An Daihoon at your side, create your own mesmerising travel video.


  1. Travel Videos: Introducing An Daihoon’s travel video producing class
  2. Meet An Daihoon: professional videographer and your instructor
  3. Preparations: Setting up Adobe Premiere and the camera I recommend

01. Good Videos Start with Good Preparation

  1. For a Stress-Free Vacation: The thoughts that go into planning and researching before going on vacation
  2. It’s Easier Than You Think!: Making references and video layouts
  3. Mission!: Plan your own vacation and make your own video layout

02. On Filming

  1. Cameras, Phones, Gimbals: Things to consider when choosing your equipment
  2. Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO: Filming like a professional
  3. Resolution and Frame Rate: The basic settings you should use when filming
  4. Composition and Camera Movement: Techniques for a more beautiful frame
  5. Filmic Pro: Shooting with a smartphone
  6. Mission: Use these filming techniques to shoot some videos!

03.What About Sound?

  1. Finding Music: The websites that An Daihoon recommends when looking for sounds
  2. Finding Your Rhythm: Create the mood and atmosphere you want through sound

04. Adobe Premiere Pro: Beginner

  1. The Program: Learn about Premiere’s settings and tools
  2. Catalysts: Tips to speed up the editing process
  3. Premiere’s Various Functions: Subtitles, blend mode, and track matte
  4. Adding Emotion: Keyframes and speed control

05. Adobe Premiere Pro: Intermediate

  1. From One Scene to the Next: How to film and edit transitions
  2. Transitions on Another Level: How to film and edit mask transitions
  3. In-Sync: Three ways to match your music to the videos.
  4. Mission: Make your own short clip with cool transitions

06. Let’s Make a Video

  1. Working With An Daihoon: With An Daihoon at your side, create a short, 1-minute clip with some videos he has prepared.
  2. Mission: Use the videos from the last lesson to create your own style

07. Finishing Touch to Your Video: Color Adjustment

  1. Basic Methods of Color Grading
  2. An Daihoon's Coloring Lesson

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing!

In Closing: Listen in on An Daihoon’s thoughts on his first class

Bonus: Demonstration

What kind of work does a videographer do? Find out more about An Daihoon’s line of work

Videographer An Daihoon


I'm An Daihoon, a videographer who loves to record and share videos from my travels!

When I started making travel videos, the happiest moments I had was when I gifted my fellow travelers with the videos I made for them and saw them getting happy.

I like the fact that my work brings happiness to others. And I think that each of you has wanted to star in a video at least once in your life!

Over time, it's not easy to remember all of the feelings you had during your trip. But if you record it as a travel video, you can remember the emotions you want to keep for a little while longer. You can make your loved ones stars and you can become a main character too!

However, once you try and make a travel video, you find that there are a lot of things to prepare, and it can become quite difficult and frustrating. With this class that I have prepared for you, I hope to erase those fears!

- An Daihoon

  • People who want to make travel videos, but don’t know where to start
  • People who want to produce videos as a hobby
  • People who are mesmerised by travel videos
  • People who want to make and give videos as gifts
  • This class is conducted using the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 program. You need to prepare Adobe Premiere Pro separately so you can take classes without any trouble.
  • The trial period of Adobe Premiere Pro is 7 days. After the trial version expires, you can no longer use the trial version. After that, you need to purchase the program to take classes without any trouble.
  • There are many configurations, conditions, and pricing options in the Adobe program purchasing system. Please refer to the official Adobe website for the exact prices and terms of the agreement.
  • The basic functions of the program will be covered in the class.

Duration of the course

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