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I think I've really improved a lot after this course. It was so fun following the class videos every day that I've been watching them repeatedly!

-by Hwayoung

I was really impressed! I can't believe I made this much improvement. Now, I know how to depict different emotions with eyes! Thank you for your kind explanation, Zipcy!

-by Miyoung Kwon

Learning about the proportions of the face anatomically, it was nice and amazing to be able to draw the face in my head little by little! I'm looking forward to the next lesson!

-by Yeonjung Park

Step 01 : Everything you need to know about drawing portraits

Zipcy will teach you the basics of drawing portraits that are fun and easy to learn

Step 02 : Drawing detailed and mature looks and impression

Learn an advanced technique that will allow you to draw mesmerizing portraits without a photo reference

Step 03 : The basics of drawing the face

Learn about facial proportions, structure, contrast, and more

Step 04 : Adding charm and detail

Learn about adding makeup, natural-looking hair, features to the neck, etc.


  1. Introducing the course
  2. Meet Zipcy: illustrator, artist, and instructor
  3. Let’s look at the materials needed for this course
  4. The fast way to trim messy lines

01. Facial Proportions and the Golden Ratio

  1. Facial Structure and proportions
  2. Learn where and how to draw the eyes, nose, and lips
  3. Learn about the essentials of the musculoskeletal structure
  4. Facial contours: Tips for pretty cheekbones, jaw, and neckline

02. The Influence of Eyebrows

  1. The “grain” of the eyebrows and how it expresses detail
  2. The “angle” of the eyebrows and how it expresses emotion

03. The Most Important Feature: The Eyes

  1. Learn about the basic proportions and shape of the eyes
  2. Learn about the angles and pupils that influence the attractiveness of the eyes
  3. How to depict double eyelids and under-eye pockets naturally
  4. How to express different moods with the eyes

04. Drawing Natural and Beautiful Noses

  1. Learn about the proportions of the nose
  2. How to draw natural nostrils
  3. Learn how the shapes of nose wings can change first impressions
  4. Compare: A sharp nose vs a flat nose
  5. Common mistakes when drawing noses

05. Drawing Beautiful lips and Philtrums

  1. How to sketch quick but beautiful lips
  2. Learn about how different shapes and thicknesses of the human lip affect expression
  3. How to draw a philtrum naturally without overdoing it

06. Drawing Sleek and Silky Hair

  1. Learn about the importance of lines strokes when drawing hair
  2. The key to hair expression
  3. Learn how to add hair shades with angel ring highlights
  4. How to draw light-colored hair
  5. How to draw wavy hair

07. Adding makeup

  1. Learn about gradation and blending with a pencil
  2. How to draw eye makeup
  3. Let’s learn about the different makeup styles
  4. How to utilise shadows in makeup styles

08. Adding Lighting to Your Face Sketches

  1. Learn about how adding shade changes your portraits
  2. Drawing with front lighting
  3. Drawing with side lighting

09. Drawing the Full Face

  1. Here’s a demonstration of the whole process
  2. Let’s add your own personal style to your portrait + Learn how to promote your sketches on social media
  3. Let’s see all the progress you have made!

Bonus: The Next Steps

  1. How to accommodate proportions for all subjects
  2. How to color the face
  3. Frequently asked questions


Congratulations on completing the course!

Illustrator Zipcy


Hello! I am Zipcy, an illustrator with 722K followers on Instagram. It has been 10 years since I started working as a freelance illustrator with the purpose of doing everything I can with painting. I have been working as an adult art instructor for 5 years. I’ve done a variety of things, including publishing magazines, advertising, games, movies, album covers, posters, corporate collaborations, etc.

Since I was a child, I loved drawing cartoon characters, so I pursued a career in cartoon animation, but I soon realized that it wasn’t for me. I realized that there was more to cartoons than just drawing; creating a story was important. It was hard for me to admit that it wasn’t the career for me. I loved cartoons as a child, I thought I was good, and it was because I had never considered doing anything other than becoming a cartoonist. I had to consider what else I wanted to do.

I was working at a bookstore when I came across novels with beautiful illustrations on the front cover. It was fascinating to think that the whole message of the book could be conveyed through just one scene, and I decided that it was something I wanted to try. That is how I started my first steps as an illustrator.

“Touch” is an illustration based on “Skinship,” which has been published in over 100 stores in 2017-2018. It was loved at home and abroad and was published in November last year. It is being sold on online bookstores nationwide.

I gained recognition through this work. The 10 years of relentless work was somewhat long, but I was able to build solid experiences and internal skills and gained recognition after 7-8 years.

I usually enjoy drawing characters. You can design different impressions according to each element of the neck, including the angle and length of the eyebrows, the shape of the tail, the weight of the eyelids, and the shape of the lips.

For the most part, I have heard that the characters in my paintings are "realistic, mysterious and attractive." I have been asked a lot about how to draw such a face without looking at it. I think that it means that people who see my illustrations also see the character I brought to life.

I’ve created a class that covers how to draw the basic front-facing portraits.

  • Struggle to draw people
  • Want to draw realistic and captivating facial features
  • Know how to draw people, but feel like they’re lacking somehow
  • Want quick ways to draw portraits

1. Zipcy's bestselling book of art, [Touch]
2. Design sketchbook(A4 size, 20pages)
3. 4B pencils
4. Artist erasers
5. Fine eraser

An additional option available for Zipcy's illustration book, Touch!

Zipcy's bestselling book of art, [Touch]

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