Capture Travel Sceneries with Pen and Watercolor

By Wade Tang

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Record Your Travel Journey with Pen and Watercolor

Watercolor & Pen Illustration with
Artist, Wade Tang


Most people like to document their travels, usually in the form of a photo or a souvenir.
Be different.
Urban sketching is the perfect way to capture breathtaking sights and emotions you feel in these special moments. In this class I will teach you how to transform a landscape into a painting.


This class is for anyone who love to draw and want to capture the atmosphere of the city and the country while traveling. I will try to help you build up the skills and painting style which make your artworks outstanding. It's a good beginner class for those who have never experienced sketching or for intermediate students looking to get back to the basics. Let's enjoy the sketching and have fun.


By the end of this class, you will have a greater understanding and skills in sketching urban landscape with pen and watercolor. Especially when you are traveling with your family or friends, you will be able to sketch the beauty of nature with confidence.

Step 1: The Basics of Perspective

Step 2: Constructing with Geometric Shapes

Step 3: Drawing Trees and People

Step 4: Using the Watercolor

Step 5: 3 Ways of Painting Wash to Create Light and Shadow

Step 6: The Joy of Sketching Outside


  1. Meet Wade Tang: Illustrator, urban sketcher, and your instructor!
  2. Introduction to the class
  3. Introduction to the materials

Chapter 1: The Basic of Perspective

  1. What is 1-point perspective
  2. What is 2-point perspective
  3. What is 3-point perspective and aerial perspective

Chapter 2: Draw With a Pen

  1. How to hold the pen

  2. How to draw a lively line & create different line type and line weight

  3. Using 2-point perspective to draw a building

  4. Using geometric shapes to construct your painting

Chapter 3: Add More Elements to Your Drawing

  1. Let’s draw trees around the building
  2. Let’s add more buildings in the background

  3. Adding people to make the drawing more interesting

  4. Adding texture and shadow as a final re-touch

Chapter 4: The Basics of Watercolor

  1. Understanding what color you want in the palette

  2. Learning to create more colors by mixing pigments
  3. How to use brush to paint

  4. Tips on using watercolor

Chapter 5: Apply Colors to the Drawing

  1. Where should we start - the order of painting

  2. 1st wash of painting

  3. How to paint the tree
  4. How to paint the dark part

Chapter 6: Create the depth of the painting

  1. 2nd wash of the painting

  2. Create the anchor of the painting
  3. 3rd wash: Create the light and shadow

  4. Some final retouch

Chapter 7: Let's Do More Exercises

  1. Drawing a Store 1 - Line drawing
  2. Drawing a Store 2 - Adding color

  3. Drawing a Castle 1 - Line drawing

  4. Drawing a Castle 2 - Adding color

Chapter 8: Let's Go Sketching Outside!

  1. Painting a Café 1: Line drawing
  2. Painting a Café 2: Adding color

  3. Painting a lovely Red Bridge 1: Line drawing

  4. Painting a lovely Red Bridge 2: Adding color
  5. Painting an Old Factory 1: Line drawing
  6. Painting an Old Factory 2: Adding color

Bonus Chapter

How I find my own art style


Congratulations on completing the class!

Meet Your Creator


My name is Wade Tang, currently a full-time artist from Taiwan. I have done many things in my work life, from an engineer in a high-tech company, to a freelancer photographer. Five years ago, I started to pick up my pen and doodle every night. I found an urban sketch group on internet and became so addicted to it. And now, I work with some publication company for illustrations and also am a college art teacher. I really enjoy helping people understand the process of sketching and applying it to their own unique drawing style.

  1. Fabriano Accademia Drawing Paper A5
  2. PWC SHINHAN Extra Fine Watercolor Paint /12 colors
  3. uni POSCA 1M White
  4. Staedtler Pigment Liner 0.3 Black
  5. Color Watercolor Palette with a 12-Half pan
  6. Raphael Watercolor Brush 803, Size 3/0
  • Who want to expand their skills on watercolor drawing
  • Who want to develop their own style of drawing
  • Who want to be able to draw their favorite travel spots
  • Who want to discover the fun of drawing outside!

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