Let's Make Beautiful Shimmer Watercolour Paint with Stacey!

By Stakiwi Colours

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Create Your Own Unique Color

Would you like to learn how to make your own stunning watercolour paints at home but don't know where to start? In this class you will learn how to make your own shimmer watercolour paints with video demonstrations, recipes, examples to guide you as you learn how to create watercolour paint that you can use for many types of creative art forms.
I will be covering essential tools and items you need to have on hand to make watercolour paint with and will also demonstrate how to use the tools. I will share with you hints and tips along the way to making the process easier. Making your own watercolour paint can be very relaxing, but also a lot of fun! Shimmer watercolour paints produce beautiful effects that you can use for card making, lettering, watercolour art, as gifts or even to sell!

Paint Swatch & Learn The Perfect Ratio For Your Desired Color

The Most Unique And Therapeutic Hobby

This class is for anyone who is hands on and loves colour! You will experience a deeper, and more rewarding feeling from creating your own art materials such as watercolour paint.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With The Tools

Step 2: Color Theory & Mixing Colors

Step 3: Making Shimmer Paint

Step 4: Testing Your Handmade Paint

Step 5: Mixing Two Pigments Together


  1. Meet your instructor: Stakiwi Colours
  2. What I want you to learn
  3. How I will guide you

Chapter 1: Tools

  1. List all the tools you need
  2. How to use the tools
  3. Video demonstration of tools

Chapter 2: Color Theory

  1. Why Color theory?
  2. Primary & Split Primary Color theory
  3. Example of the difference between cool and warm tones
  4. Video demo of mixing with primary colors
  5. Video of swatching primary colors

Chapter 3: Let's Make Paint! Mix One Pigment.

  1. Video demo - explain the process. Explain use of tools
  2. Detailed step by step guidance of making one pigment/color into a paint from start to finish
  3. Consistency/Testing/Pouring
  4. Filling Pans half way/ How to Fill Pan
  5. Checking how the paint is setting
  6. The last layer of paint. Bubbles!
  7. How to tidy the pans

Chapter 4: How to Shoot your Own Reference Photos

  1. Swatch the paint using paper and brush.
  2. Explain different types of testing (opacity, lightfastness)
  3. Explain the use of the black line of a paint swatch
  4. Explain lifting/rubbing test

Chapter 5: Mix Two Pigments Together

  1. Detailed step by step guidance of making two pigments/colors into a paint from start to finish
  2. Demo video of the consistency, testing and pouring of the paint
  3. Handy tips/tricks
  4. Filling Pans half way & how to fill the pan
  5. Checking how the paint is setting. Last layer of pain, how to tidy pans
  6. The importance of documenting this process

Chapter 6: Mix Two Pigments of Your Choice

  1. Challenge - mix two pigments of your own choice
  2. Document it (Why? Swatch, share & name)

Chapter 7: Matte Pigments!

  1. Demo video of mixing a neon matte into the binder
  2. How/ Why use the muller
  3. Difference between matte, shimmer and neon
  4. Test & Pour the paint

Bonus Chapter: Making Friends!

  1. How to make friends in the art community

  2. Meeting other artists

  3. The benefits of a having a supportive art community

  4. Stakiwi Colours paint forum for paint swaps/trades


Congratulations on Completing the Course!

Meet the All-in-One package hand-picked by Stacey and CLASS101!


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1. Mock Muller (glass temper)
2. Hwahong Brush Set No.345
3. Watercolor Half Pans
4. Painting Knife No.13
5. Gum Arabic Solution 75ml
6. Mica Powder Pigment Set
Meet Your Creator
I am Stacey from New Zealand, based in a teeny tiny town called Wellsford in the upper North Island. I am the founder of Stakiwi Colours, handmade watercolours. I am a watercolour maker with 2 + years of experience. I have a background in primary teaching so I love to share my knowledge with others in an understandable way.
I love to paint with acrylics and watercolours, and I especially love working with pigments of all variations. Because I taught myself how to make watercolour paints, I understand how difficult it is to learn how to make watercolour paint and understand all the facets that it presents. There is a lot that can go wrong and I am presenting you with a unique opportunity to learn how to overcome those obstacles that you can then anticipate and deal with immediately while creating beautiful watercolour paint.

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