Create Your Own Stylized Character Stickers

By Qiara Teor

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Create Your Own Stylized Character Stickers

Character Design and Stickers Production with
Artist, Qiara Teor


This course is about learning to design your own stylised character and turning them into sticker. You'll learn the basics of character design from picking the right references and color palette to learning how to stylised your art. You will also learn about the ins and out of printing your own sticker.


This course is for those who are interested in learning to paint stylised characters and turning them into stickers. Suitable for art hobbyist and aspiring artists who would like to see their art in sticker form.


By the end of this course, you will be able to paint your very own stylised character and also know about the sticker printing process.

Step 1: Fundamental of Character Design

Step 2: Understanding Color Theory

Step 3: Adding Watercolors to Your Character

Step 4: Turning Your Art into Stickers


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Qiara Teor
  2. Introduction to the course
  3. Introduction to Materials

Chapter 1: The Basic of Human characters

  1. Understanding the human body

  2. Applying the stylized characters' body proportion

  3. Developing an art style that you are comfortable with

Chapter 2: Designing Your Characters

  1. Finding the right reference

  2. Deciding the theme of your character

  3. Giving features and clothing to your characters that suits the themes

  4. Adding a personal touch to your characters to make it very 'you'

  5. Adding different props to make your character stand out

Chapter 3: Understanding Colors (Color Theory)

  1. Learning how the color combination works

  2. Understanding color theories and color temperatures

  3. Creating an interesting color combination to emphasize your character's feature

Chapter 4: Adding watercolors to your character

  1. Learning different watercolor techniques

  2. Applying various painting methods to achieve different results

  3. Finding color palette that suits your character

Chapter 5: Digitizing Your Work

  1. Overviews of Tools and software to digitize your work

  2. Digitally touching up your work

  3. Do and don't while digitizing your work

  4. Tips and tricks to make your art looks good on different materials

Chapter 6: Turning Your Art into Stickers

  1. Mastering different type of sticker materials

  2. Getting the right colors for prints

  3. Finalizing the file to be sent to merchandize

Chapter 7: How to Run Your Own Business with Original Stickers

  1. Finding a supplier that can provide your printing needs

  2. How to turn your stickers into business

  3. Finding out your potential customers' preference

Bonus Chapter

  1. How to grow your online busines


1. Congratulations on completing the course

Meet Your Creator

Qiara Teor

Hello, my name is Qiara.
I'm a freelance illustrator residing in Malaysia. I have been painting in both watercolor and digital for several years now, and all of my paintings revolves around character design and fashion. Aside of taking in freelance projects, I have also been running my own online shop selling various types of stationary products such as stickers, washi tapes, enamel pins and etc, all designed by myself. I have also conducted frequent workshops on character designs in both Malaysia and Singapore. Given this opportunity, I can't be anymore grateful to be able to share my experience and expertise to everyone around the world!
  1. Arches Watercolor Paper Pad
  2. Mijello Watercolor Palette
  3. ShinHan Professional Watercolor Paint 13 Color Set
  4. Hwahong Round Paint Brushes Set of 2
  5. Prismacolor Col-Erase Colored Pencil(Red or Blue)
  • People who want to learn about character design
  • People who want to learn and apply color theory to their drawings
  • People who want to digitize their hand-drawn illustration
  • People who want to turn their illustrations into stickers
  • People who want to run their own online business

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