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When I started, I left a lot of white space just like you said, and added things one by one. Before I knew it, the whole page was filled up. I looked for things to add to the bike and found myself drawing flowers. I decided to draw a girlfriend and also pinwheels. The flowers turned out so well that I wanted to pick them.

For the last five months, I’ve been taking classes nonstop, but Class 101 decided to have an event extending the time by three months! I decided to push our goodbye by three months. In the next three months, I will come here when I want to draw and brag!

-by Kim Seo Kyung

I added color with colored pencils! I think this is the first time I’ve used colored pencils since I was young, and it made me nostalgic and was very fun, like I was going back to my youth. I don’t know the basics of coloring so I just colored it the way I wanted. I’m looking forward to the coloring chapter!

-by Mina

Step 01 : Drawing Natural-Looking Poses

Novoduce's illustrations have a natural grace and beauty. Learn her secret to drawing natural poses that even beginners can grasp.

Step 02 : Adding Color

Just a human figure by itself leaves much for the mind to imagine. Leave no part unfinished by filling in colors. Start with some practice exercises with the colored pencil, then move onto coloring simple objects and human figures.

Step 03 : How to Croquis

Croquis is the art of creating quick sketches of a live model. Learn the ingredients needed to make high-quality art wherever you are!

Step 04 : Have Fun With Your Drawings

Drawing isn’t complete without being able to enjoy yourself! Give your artwork a story, setting, emotions, and anything else that will help you bring your illustrations to life.

Step 05 : Anatomy Lesson

The biological structure of the human body will help you when drawing your character's figures. Learn about the critical points to consider when drawing natural-looking characters.

Step 06 : Adding Color and Light

Mix colors together to create a color with your desired value and hue. Learn about color schemes to match the time of day and also how to use colored pencils.

Step 07 : Adding Light and Shadows

Shadows are a realistic part of character drawings that amateur artists often forget to consider. Learn to fill in colors one by one based on the kind of light you want to capture.

Graceful and Realistic Character Illustrations That Even Beginners Can Learn

Have you ever struggled when drawing figures? Without knowing the proper methods, drawing characters can be intimidating and extremely difficult.

What Goes Into Character Illustrations?

Novoduce starts everything from the anatomy of humans. All the techniques you will learn are supported by biology. This class will teach you how to use the knowledge you will learn about muscles and connective tissue to draw characters with realistic proportions.

Learn to draw using natural facial proportions and angles and then move on to drawing the body. Once you have mastered drawing figures, Novoduce will show you how to add smaller details like the shadows.

Using Colored Pencils

No character illustration is complete without colors and a proper background. Colored pencils have a similar charm to watercolors; you start with bright colors and one by one, add on darker layers. If you practice mixing colors with colored pencils, you will be able to color easily when you use watercolors. I don't use a peach color just because it's flesh and sky blue just because it's the sky. Rather, I will teach you how to make the colors without using peach and sky blue. Fill in the colors one by one, focusing on the color of the light you are trying to capture.

What is Croquis?

Have you ever walked down a busy city street and seen someone sitting on a bench, sketching the people walking about? Soon you’ll be able to do the same thing! Croquis is creating quick drawings of live models. From the basics of sketching to the key points, you need to remember, Novoduce gives you everything you need to start croquis on your own.

Sit in a cafe, get out your notepad, listen to some good music, and start drawing. Once you get used to drawing, you’ll be able to draw real people and make your own live croquis.

ALL the Details

Impress your friend with details that they would have never thought to include. Even the wrinkles that form on your clothes! If you start learning with me, and practice well, before you know it, you will have developed your own unique style as well!


Draw the way you want.
Come learn with Novoduce.

Pre-class Chapter

Let's see what you got! Try sketching a photo.

Welcome to Novoduce's Character Drawing Class!

  1. Introduction: What can you gain from this class?
  2. Meet Novoduce: illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  3. Let’s look at the materials needed for this course

01. On Facial Proportions

  1. Before we start: how to use the pencil
  2. The basics: facial proportions from the front
  3. Simple and attractive: drawing the eyes, nose, and lips
  4. Tip: angles that make the face look natural
  5. Putting it all together: sketching a face off a photo

02. The Hands and Feet

  1. Research: the proportions of hands
  2. Drawing hands: the details that make realistic hands
  3. Adding props: What can you do with your hands?
  4. Divide the feet: if you find the hidden angles, drawing feet is easy

03. Studying the Body

  1. Anatomy-based sketches 1: the shapes and locations of the external muscles surrounding the human body
  2. Anatomy-based sketches 2: understanding the connective tissue that will be used to create reference lines
  3. Important details: things to note for realistic representation
  4. Adding shadows: Drawing a woman doing yoga
  5. Another yoga pose: a full demonstration from sketching to adding shadows

04. The Upper Body

  1. Adding details: hand gestures and facial expressions
  2. Adding details: expressing light and shadows
  3. Adding details: putting in shadows with a marker
  4. Adding color: simple coloring guide for colored pencils

05. Clothing

  1. Let's learn: three reasons why wrinkles form
  2. In application: drawing tops and outerwear
  3. In application: drawing pants and shoes
  4. Full demonstration: drawing a sitting character from the sneakers to the hat
  5. Different types of clothes: how to sketch some of the clothes you like

06. Starting Croquis

  1. What to look for: three points to remember while you croquis
  2. Practice: sketching from two photos
  3. Adding different movements: croquis with a liner pen
  4. Tips: timed croquis (1 min, 5 min, 10 min)

07. Adding Color to Your Croquis

  1. Practice: colored pencil exercises
  2. Color combinations: adjusting colors to time of day
  3. Practice: coloring simple objects
  4. The next step: coloring people

08. Adding Props and a Background

  1. For a more complete illustration: giving your character a setting
  2. Adding life: giving your illustration a small story
  3. Putting it all together: the illustrator approach to drawing
  4. Full demonstration: from setup and sketch to completion

Outro: Congratulations on Completing the Course!

Moving forward: Novoduce's parting thoughts and how to continue practicing

Illustrator Novoduce


Hello, I'm Novoduce, an illustrator who draws out everyday landscapes. I'm trying to unravel the memories I've seen in my dreams and places I want to enjoy. I like to observe people's facial expressions and actions and portray them as if I were recording them. If I match my thoughts with the poses of the characters, I'll develop them into illustrations.

However, if there is an action or image that you want to express but the angle changes, it is very difficult to change the figure. As I teach from my experiences, I can help you learn how to draw characters.

I usually listen to music or watch a movie and sketch out the ideas I have written down while I sit in a nearby cafe. I find subjects, and finish my work at home. I walk outside or do some basic work at my favorite cafe to free my ideas. And at home, I work on post-production.

When I was working as a lecturer at an academy, I met many people who were passionate about painting. I was happy to see those students improve, and it inspired me to draw more.

I have been teaching teaching private classes for 3 years and have met around 400 students. Luckily, a lot of the students liked my work and some even retook my class a couple times. I am always grateful and am working hard to make better classes.

My dream is to do work on a larger scale. I want to plan an exhibition. I want to travel the world on the power of my art.

  • People who want to express figures without that amateurish awkwardness
  • People who enjoy painting and want to explore various styles
  • People who want to have a new drawing hobby
  • Prisma color pencils 16 colors
    We'll send you 16 colors for drawing people.
  • 1 Alpha Maca Pale Peach Color
    Marker used when shading the human body.
  • 1 Sakura Liner 1.0
    The pen used when drawing the sketch.
  • 1 animated crayon brown
    The colored pencil used before drawing a sketch with the liner pen.
  • 1 broom
    Broom used to clean up colored pencils or eraser powder.
  • PDF of practice materials to help class
    In addition to the regular course, we will send you various photo materials to practice by yourself.

Packages may be subject to change and students will be informed in the event of changes.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos on as many devices as you want.

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