Expressing the Textures and Colors of Desserts and Drinks: An Online Colored Pencil Class

By Lim Saebom

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I drew the strawberry cake happily ~ ^^ I have a question ~ I'm just drawing on Kent paper now, but do you have any other paper brands you can recommend? Please tell me what kind of texture paper is prettier to draw on ~~

-by Ani

I worked hard on it.

It was fun!

As I was drinking apple mint tea, I could taste it!

-by Hairpin

It's fun. I found a good hobby when I should be a homebody. I have some difficulties. First of all, it's ambiguous to decide the size that fits in the sketchbook. And I don't think it gets dark when I apply the base colors. If I try to make it thick, it'll become smooth like you said, but if I relax and draw it, it's hard to control the amount of energy that makes the bottom look white.

-by Kim Jeong Suk

Draw sweet desserts and drinks with colored pencils!

I'm Sebom Lim, an artist who draws colored pencil illustrations. Don't you want to record the pretty sweet desserts and drinks you ate today? You can have a wonderful and special hobby with only a few colored pencils!

Take a look at some of my work

Fluffy pound cake illustration


Apple Ade Illustration


Crunchy tart illustration

Fresh and Sweet Ade Illustration

From the gradation to the three-dimensionality of objects, learn solidly from the basics of using colored pencils!

'I want to draw a picture with bright colors like an artist'

'My picture keeps getting blurred'

'It's difficult to create a gradation while mixing colors'

'I want to know how to express depth'


This is what many people are curious about. I'll make a class with plenty of tips for all of these skills and more.

Works from students who took my class

This is the work of people who have been taking regular classes with me :) In this class, I will introduce various techniques for using colored pencils that are difficult to learn on your own! If you follow the basics step by step, you will be able to draw wonderful works all the time!

Heal from the stresses of your day

Grapefruit aid and strawberry cake illustration


Coffee illustration

Take time to heal while drawing delicious desserts yourself.

It's okay if you can't draw well.

Gradually, learn, grow, and draw pretty pictures with me!

Step 01 : Using Colored Pencils

The artistic medium we will use in this class is the colored pencil. I’ll walk you through all the basic techniques of using colored pencils, how to draw lines, blend colors, and much more!

Step 02 : Expressing Contrast

Contrast will help you portray the surfaces of delicious desserts. Learn how to manipulate saturation to draw your favorite desserts.

Step 03 : Expressing Texture

The texture of bread is very specific. I’ll teach you how you can replicate the airy texture of bread, as if it is a photo, not a drawing.

Step 04 : Expressing the Rich Color and Ice in Drinks

Well-made drinks often have a beautiful blend of colors and textures, with ice glistening at the top. Learn how to manipulate colored pencils to create a realistic drink illustration.

Step 05 : Depicting Fruit

You can decorate drinks and desserts with real fruits that enhance taste. Learn how to draw juicy fruit that you can almost taste.

Step 06 : Drawing Filling

Filling is the sweet and creamy insert to any good dessert. Learn how to draw various fillings on macarons and how to preserve the three-dimensional effect.

Welcome to Sebom Lim’s Colored Pencil Drawing Class

  1. Introducing the class: hand drawn dessert and drink illustrations
  2. Meet Sebom Lim: illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  3. Taking a look at the class package

01. Practicing Gradation

  1. How to use gradation with one color
  2. How to use gradation with two-three colors
  3. In application: Drawing a castella

02. Drawing Strawberry Cake

  1. How to draw the faces of a cake
  2. Sketching with colored pencils and filling in your colors
  3. Adding sweet details to the surface of the cake
  4. Portraying the texture of the whipped cream and drawing the herb leaves

03. Drawing Pound Cake

  1. Sweet pumpkin cake: Sketching with colored pencils and filling in basic colors
  2. Sweet pumpkin cake: Portraying the texture of the pumpkin and bread
  3. Sweet pumpkin cake: Adding details to the surface of the cake
  4. Tiramisu: Sketching with colored pencils and filling in basic colors
  5. Tiramisu: Portraying the texture of the cream and bread

04. Drawing Macarons and Fillings

  1. Grapefruit cookie macaron: Sketching and coloring
  2. Grapefruit cookie macaron: Adding details to the cookie and coque
  3. Caramel macaron: Sketching and coloring
  4. Caramel macaron: Adding details to the toppings
  5. Mango macaron: Sketching and coloring
  6. Mango macaron: Expressing 3D using saturation

05. Drawing Glasses and Drinks

  1. How to sketch cylinders and add shade
  2. Tips to drawing glasses easily
  3. Sketching a latte and depicting the top and straw
  4. Completing the latte with colors and details

06. Drawing a Chocolate and Yogurt Shake

  1. A simple sketch and coloring
  2. Shading by mixing various colors
  3. Depicting the chocolate syrup and yogurt
  4. Drawing the cooking pieces and completing it with details

07. Drawing Apple Ade

  1. Sketching with pencils and colored pencils
  2. Drawing apple slices and herb leaves
  3. Coloring the drink in with mixed-color gradients
  4. Depicting ice and air bubbles

08. Drawing Lemon and Raspberry Ade

  1. Sketching with pencils and colored pencils
  2. Drawing pulp and lemon slices
  3. Depicting rosemary leaves and ice
  4. Coloring the drink in with mixed-color gradients

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Create cute dessert and drink illustrations

Artist Lim Sebom



I’m Lim Sebom, an illustrator who draws sweet things with colored pencils.

Since I was very, very young, I used to just sit at a desk and draw with my pencil without knowing how much time was going to draw with a pencil. I had fun drawing erasers, pencil cases, and pencil sharpeners I saw in front of me. Because of that, I always wrote the word 'painter' in elementary school when teachers asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

After that, I majored in design and became a visual designer. The designer's job was fun, but I knew I couldn't really use my creative side. After three years short years as a designer, I started to paint my own small and pretty sweet pictures as a freelance artist.

The moments when I draw hand-drawn illustrations are when my thoughts disappear and happiness fills me up. The very moments I dreamed of as a child!

Especially when I'm drawing sweet pictures, I feel like I'm relaxing while eating sweet dessert in a nice cafe.

Many of the students I meet in offline classes say that drawing is fun and happy. When I hear this, I am happy.

It is not easy to draw a picture 'well'. However, it is very easy to draw 'enjoyably'. Have fun drawing with sweet colored pencils one color at a time. At some point, you will find yourself healing. All these moments are with me.

  • People who enjoy drawing with pencils and colored pencils
  • People want to have their own stylish hobby
  • People want to learn the techniques of drawing with colored pencils
  • People who want document delicious desserts and drinks as illustrations
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby

Package introduction


Prismacolor 48 colored pencil set

Four supplementary prismacolor colored pencils (923,1030,1033,1069)

Samwon Art Square Sketchbook (Drawing Book) 220g A4

Kent paper A5 / 220g / 50 sheets

1 sakura gelly roll white pen

1 Faber-Castell Trio Pencil Sharpener


💌 Packages are subject to change and students will be fully informed in such changes.

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Q. I’m new to drawing. Can I still follow along?

A. Yes, you can! There may be some difficult techniques for beginners to follow, but if you practice the sketching technique and color mixing gradation that we introduce for the first time and follow along, you can make great works of art. In the drawing of colored pencils, it is very important to control the power, and I will tell you when to draw lightly with weak power and when to draw dark with strong power.


Q. Must I draw with Prisma colored pencils?

A. If you want to match the colors I use, yes, Prisma colored pencils are recommended. Materials other than Prisma colored pencils may differ in color development. Especially in the case of my drawings, I express by mixing various colors even in small parts. Prisma color is best suited to express rich colors by mixing colored pencils.

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