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Learn to draw like Monet

Monet is a famous artist from the late 1800’s and is known for founding the impressionist art style.This class will walk you through how to draw scenery with oil pastels. Learn how to create impressive oil pastel impressionist drawings just like Monet!

Why oil pastel?

You can use any material for travel drawings. Why oil pastels? Oil pastels are very light, making them easy to carry around and have vivid colors similar to paints. It is the best for drawing on the go!

Document your warm and happy memories in pastel colors.

I will teach you to draw various kinds of landscapes so that you can directly draw the landscapes you see on your travels, such as beautiful beaches or the pretty streets of foreign countries that you want to remember.

What nature and oil pastels have in common

Nature looks complicated, but its attractive quality is that nothing is determined. Different colors of light are emitted depending on the time of day, shapes change according to the wind, and the angles change depending on the direction in which the plant grows.

Oil pastels are perfect for capturing this charm of nature. The oil pastel's unique greasy and warm texture and color resemble nature's complex and colorful appearance. You’ll walk away from the course with the ability to portray the scenery of sometimes vague and sometimes powerful destinations with oil pastels :)

Everything you need to know

I’ll start the class by walking you through how to use oil pastels; from how pressure affects expression to how to care for and store them. From there, it’s just practice! I’ll walk you through how to create 8 different works of art, piecing each one together, section by section.

Along the way, I’ll give you special tips to make your artwork more put together, and show you how to add details to make your drawings stand out. Through this practice, you’ll learn how to draw virtually any scene with oil pastels! Challenge yourself at the end of class with a unique drawing of your own.


Become the next Monet.

Isletsol’s oil pastel travel drawing class.

Step 01 : Essential Oil Pastel Techniques

Before you can draw like Monet, you must first learn the basic skills needed to use oil pastels. Learn about things like how oil pastel expression differs based on how much pressure you use.

Step 02 : Expressing Delicacy with Oil Pastels

Although oil pastels are thick, they can be used to depict delicate scenes. Learn about how to use blunt oil pastels to draw detailed illustrations.

Step 03 : Blending with Oil Pastels

The blending of colors creates a more natural looking illustration. Learn how to blend oil pastels and create smooth and elegant gradations.

Step 04 : Finding Color Schemes

Nature has a certain color scheme, as do other scenes. Learn about frequently used colors in nature and how to choose colors that fit well together.

Step 05 : Planning Your Drawings

This class will use photos as a reference for travel drawings. Learn how to get a structure for your illustration by looking at photos and with a bit of perspective theory.

Step 06 : Drawing Detailed Illustrations

Sometimes, the scenes you see seem too complex to draw. Learn how to divide your illustration into parts, then fill in your drawing piece by piece until you complete your masterpiece.

Step 07 : Storing Your Drawings

Oil pastel drawings will smear and ruin if you do not take care of them. Learn how to store and protect your masterpieces after you finish creating them.

Welcome to Isletsol’s Oil Pastel Class

  1. About the class: Oil pastel travel drawings
  2. Meet your instructor: Isletsol
  3. About the tools: the materials in your class package

01. The Basics of Oil Pastels

  1. The basic techniques of using oil pastels
  2. About the colors you need for drawing nature
  3. Flower bed: Depicting flowers and grasses
  4. Flower bed: Adding depth to your drawings
  5. How to store finished drawings

02. Drawing More Detailed Illustrations

  1. Scenery with a house: Sketching, then coloring the house
  2. Scenery with a house: Coloring the grasses and mountain
  3. Scenery with a house: Drawing and coloring trees
  4. Eiffel Tower: Sketching, then drawing the Eiffel Tower
  5. Eiffel Tower: Depicting nature, a bridge, and the river

03. Drawing a Cloudy Sky

  1. Cloudy Skies: Practicing blending clouds with depth
  2. Cloudy Skies: Sketching and depicting the clouds
  3. Cloudy Skies: Depicting the small details and learn about the types of oil pastel

04. Drawing a Sunny Beach

  1. The Beach: Sketching, then drawing the rock mountain
  2. The Beach: Depicting the sea and drawing a chair
  3. The Beach: Depicting sand on the beach
  4. The Beach: Adding shadows

05. Drawing a Sunset on the Ocean

  1. The Ocean: Sketching, then drawing the ocean
  2. The Ocean: Coloring the white waves
  3. The Ocean: Coloring the sand and waves
  4. The Ocean: Depicting the sunset sky and adding more details

06. Drawing a Table in a Flower Bed

  1. A Meal in the Flowerbed: Sketching, then drawing the table
  2. A Meal in the Flowerbed: Drawing wooden chairs
  3. A Meal in the Flowerbed: Drawing the flowers and grasses
  4. A Meal in the Flowerbed: Coloring the background and adding finishing touches

07. Drawing a Cute Little Store

  1. Pretty Cafe: Sketching the store and practicing the flowers
  2. Pretty Cafe: Depicting the flowers on the wall
  3. Pretty Cafe: Adding details to the flower shop
  4. Pretty Cafe: Drawing in the green door
  5. Pretty Cafe: Adding shadows and details

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Isletsol’s parting thoughts

Artist Isletsol



Hello! I'm Isletsol, an artist that captures the warm and special moments of everyday life!

I was an art major in college, and since then, I have been working in a hobby art studio using all sorts of artistic mediums. When I first tried oil pastel, I was surprised at how light and easy it was to carry, and how it has a steady texture and color development. Since then, I have drawn more and more paintings. Thankfully, my oil pastel paintings are loved by many people :)

With this art class based on my artistic experience, make your travel drawing as deep as painting with the light materials of oil pastels.

  • People who enjoy the impressionist art styles of Monet and Renoir
  • People who struggle to use oil pastels
  • People who want to draw painting-like scenery with oil pastels
  • People who want to document their travels with oil pastel drawings
  • People who want a great introductory course into a new hobby

[All-in-one Class Kit] 📦

  • 2x Samwon Art Square Design Sketchbook
  • Mungyo Soft Oil Pastel Set / 72 colors
  • Prisma Premier Colored Pencils Set (12)

📩 Packages are subject to change and students will be fully informed in the events of changes.

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