Document Your Life With Pen Drawings: The Ultimate Beginner's Course

By Hello Yanggang

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I bought more markers because I really wanted to draw photos from my vacation lol I used what i learned in this class to draw it. For some reason it feels like I was not paying attention in class lol But since I used what I learned in class, I’m submitting it ^^;;

-by Kim Yu Jin

I practiced so much and got three different color sofas. There isn’t one that I like, but my hand is starting to cramp so I’m done for the day. Today was also fun :)

-by Goo Jung In

Today was my last day of the class, so I cleared my whole day and was eventually able to finish all the chapters. It was really so much fun. The explanations were friendly and easy to understand, haha When I see myself improve a little bit at a time, it feels so good! I want to take another one of your classes in the future. From drawing nature to drawing cities and city streets, there’s still a lot I can’t do on my own. I uploaded all the pictures I drew during class. My favorite ones are the sandwich, sofa, and kitchen! I will also start drawing my own unique drawings like some of the other students! The class was really fun and helpful! I hope you teach another class in the future!

-by Yaewon Park

Document Your Daily Life in Simple Pen Drawing

It’s okay if your days aren’t super eventful or exciting. A small picture and a short paragraph will help keep your memories special!

Beginners Are Welcome!

Even if you have never drawn a picture or think that you aren’t very good at drawing, I have prepared a solid curriculum that you can follow along to on your own. By the time the class is over, you will be able to enjoy some time to yourself as you create your own drawings.

Practical Exercises that Will Improve Your Drawing!

I’ll tell you the steps you need to take. Once you have practiced enough with in my style, over time, you will find yourself painting the world in your own way!

Create a drawing each passing day. If you look back at the drawings you drew over time, the memories of those days will come back to you.

Pens and markers are great tools for drawing on the go!

Pens and markers are perfect for making quick travel drawings and daily sketches. I will show you how to use pens and markers as easily and simply as possible!

Your Drawings Don’t Always Have to Be Perfect!

Good drawings don’t always have to be super technical, with straight lines and perfect proportions. Life isn’t always perfect. Learn how to identify crooked and misplaced lines that do create a problem, and how to fix them. After that, you should be able to create your own unique images that have their own special qualities!

Step 01 : Characteristics of the Pens and Markers

Pens and Markers come in all sizes and types. Hello, Yanggang will walk you through the pens and markers chosen for this class as well as comparisons to some other brands

Step 02 : Pen Techniques

The lines you draw connect to create images. Hello, Yanggang has prepared practice exercises to help you draw those lines as beautifully as possible.

Step 03 : Sketching Off an Image

Sketching off images can be scary, and matching proportions is hard. Learn how to easily use your eyes and sketch any object so you can sketch the daily objects you see.

Step 04 : Identifying and Fixing Your Mistakes

First sketches are often rough and lacking. Learn how to identify the places that need some corrections and how to fix those mistakes.

Step 05 : Sketching Sequence

Often times, people are intimidated when drawing because they don’t know where to start. Hello, Yanggang helps you so that you know how to put together your drawing, part by part.

Step 06 : Detailing Techniques

Hello, Yanggang will show you how to add details whether it be with the pen or marker. Knowing how to use your tools to create more detailed drawings will come in handy for your own drawings.

Step 07 : Continuing On Your Own

Learn ways you can take your art to the next level, with a different type of line and how to turn your drawings into stickers.

Welcome to Hello, Yanggang’s Pen Drawing Class

  1. Introducing Hello, Yangang’s Pen Drawing Class For Beginners
  2. Meet Hello, Yanggang: Illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  3. Pens, Markers, and More: Introducing the materials you need

01. Getting Started

  1. Pens and Markers: Exploring different nib sizes and comparing different marker brands
  2. Practice Exercises: Drawing lines and curves
  3. Tip: How to draw lines beautifully

02. Drawing Simple Objects 1: Coffee Cup

  1. Practicing Lines and Curves: Drawing a takeout coffee cup
  2. Try Again: Identifying and fixing your mistakes
  3. Practicing Marker Techniques: Coloring your coffee cup

03. Drawing Simple Objects 2: Dessert

  1. Practicing Lines and Curves: Drawing a chocolate muffin
  2. Practicing Marker Techniques: Coloring using gradation

04. Drawing Complex Objects 1: Sandwich

  1. Drawing Complex Lines and Curves: Drawing a sub
  2. Sizes, Patterns, Lines: Three ways to express difference
  3. Try Again: Identifying and fixing your mistakes
  4. Tips: Hello, Yanggang shows you some good tips while coloring the sandwich

05. Drawing Complex Objects 2: Sofa

  1. Sketch Order: How to approach your drawings
  2. Sketching in Order: Drawing a sofa
  3. More Details: Fixing your mistakes and adding smaller details
  4. Practicing Marker Techniques: Coloring using contrast

06. Drawing Simple Spaces: Kitchen

  1. Before We Start: Dividing the sketch and getting an order
  2. Sketch: Drawing the kitchen
  3. The Next Step: Adding small details to create a more complete image
  4. Practicing Marker Techniques: Tips to freely color your drawing

07. Drawing Complicated Spaces: Living Room

  1. Before We Start: Dividing the sketch and getting an order
  2. Sketch: Drawing the living room
  3. The Next Step: Adding small details to create a more complete image
  4. Practicing Marker Techniques: Freely color your drawing

08. Drawing Buildings: Simple

  1. The Three Steps: Learn the easy three-step process for drawing buildings
  2. Application: Use the three-step process to draw a simple house
  3. Coloring: Use the techniques you’ve learned to freely color your drawing

09. Drawing Buildings: Complex

  1. The Three Steps: Learn the sketch order when drawing complex buildings
  2. Application: Use the sketch order to draw a complex house
  3. Coloring: Use the techniques you’ve learned to freely color your drawing

10. Going Forward On Your Own

  1. Using curved lines to draw objects
  2. Turning your drawings into stickers
  3. Review of the class

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In Closing: Hello, Yanggang’s last message to you

Illustrator Hello Yanggang



A cup of coffee to drink, a cake, and a beautiful little space ... I’m Hello Yanggang and I record the small things of everyday life. I have been teaching art classes for 3 years and communicating with many people through my Instagram.

  • People who like to enjoy time to themselves
  • People who are searching for a new hobby
  • People who want to draw, but don’t know where to start
  • People who want to add some art into their daily lives
  • People who keep a diary, and want to try to document their daily life in a new way
  • Shinhan Touch Markers 12 colors (red, orange, yellow, gin pink, light pink, grey, yellow green, green, sky, blue, brown, dark brown)
  • 4 pieces of staedtler pigment liner pen (0.2mm 2 / 0.4mm 1 / 0.1mm 1)
  • Kent paper 220g: 25 sheets of A5 size / 25 sheets of A6 size
  • Wooden board for drawing
  • Picture material and textbook
  • One piece of sticker production paper

Markers may be shipped in a mix of plastic covered and non-covered products, depending on the vendor's production method. Regardless of the plastic packaging, please note that all products you receive are brand new!

Markers are subject to change in color scheme or product brand depending on availability and other variables, and there is no problem with taking classes!

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