Paint a Visual Journal and Make Every Day Last

By Gizem

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Learn to Record a Daily Painting Journal with
Professional Artist, Gizem Bozkurt

Learn my artwork and illustration style

This course is for anyone who wants to paint beautiful landscapes, greenery, and night paintings with gouache and acrylic paints.

Creating a visual journal is a very special thing for me; it is an amazing way to preserve memories and keep my feelings alive. It's like taking my life's story and transforming it into a physical form.

In this course, I am going to show you how to create your own art journal.

We will go over how I decide what to paint, what to write in each entry, where I look for inspiration, as well as my tips and tricks on all the materials I use.

By the end of this course, you will have started to create your own visual journal step by step, and you will know how to paint sparkly night lights, sea waves, and beautiful garden and forest views.

Step 1: Master Gouache & Acrylics

Step 2: Practice Perspective Drawing

Step 3: Painting Various Scenes from Start to End


  1. Introducing the class: Learning how to paint beautiful landscapes, night lights and flower gardens with gouache & acrylics
  2. Meet Gizem: Artist, instructor
  3. About the tools: the materials in your class package

Chapter 1: The Basics of Gouache

  1. The characteristics of gouache & color chart
  2. Different ways to use gouache
  3. In application; painting plants and flowers

Chapter 2: The Basics of Acrylics

  1. The characteristics of acrylics & color chart
  2. Differences between acrylic & gouache
  3. In application; painting a candle

Chapter 3: Drawing Perspectives

  1. Drawing horizontal lines & meaning of the lines
  2. Drawing a hallway
  3. Adding details

Chapter 4: Painting a Flower Garden with Gouache

  1. Making the sketch & starting from the dark tones
  2. Adding a second layer
  3. Painting the flowers

Chapter 5: Painting Shimmering Waves

  1. Painting the midtones
  2. Painting the darkest parts
  3. Painting the highlights, adding shimmers
  4. Another way to paint sea waves: Starting from dark colors
  5. Another way to paint sea waves: Painting the highlights

Chapter 6: Painting a Night Scene with Acrylic (and fairy lights!)

  1. Making the sketch and painting the background
  2. Adding details to the view and painting the balcony
  3. Adding sparkly lights

Chapter 7: Combining Everything You Learned! (Painting a flower pathway with a sea view)

  1. Making a sketch using perspective lines
  2. Painting the bushes
  3. Painting the cloud


  1. Congratulations on completing the course

About the Instructor

Professional Acrylic and Gouache Artist, Gizem Bozkurt


Hi! I am Gizem. I studied art in 2012 in Turkey and I've been painting for 15 years. At first, all I did was pencil drawings, then I decided to take drawing classes to learn more about it.

After learning the basics of drawing at the age of 16, I gained the confidence to start colored paintings myself. I studied art teaching in Instanbul and improved myself more every day.

Then I realized that learning how to paint is not about talent, it is all about practice. So I would love to share what I've learned with you so far and help make sure every special day last for you for ever!

  1. Holbein Artists' Gouache Set of 12
  2. Liquitex BASICS®️ Acrylic Color Set, (24 colors)
  3. Moleskine Large Sketchbook / red (Random color)
  4. Hwahong 802 / synthetic fiber / flat / 7pieces
  5. Faber Castell Foldable Water Pot & Brush Holder : red (Random color)
  6. Paper palette
  • Those who wants to get better at the basics of illustration
  • People who want to learn my style of gouache and acrylic painting
  • Artists who want to learn my workflow and new skills to add to their repertoire
  • Anyone who loves drawing and who wants to create a visual journal

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