Draw While You Travel with Pen and Watercolor

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I made up my mind before I began and started step by step. Drawing the sky was not as easy as I expected. The bottom part of the clouds was a little darker, unlike the sky. I wanted to try with a grey color, but it didn’t seem totally grey. I had a picture of this architecture when I went to Europe, so I tried drawing the facade. I used the picture of the sky, which was in a kit as a reference. I had lots of fun drawing and the achievement I made meant a lot to me. I thought watercolor was really difficult, but then it turns out to be great. Much appreciation goes to the artist, thanks a lot!

-by Soo-Hyun Kim

I was going through my photo album and found an in-flight meal, so I drew the meal. The next time when I get on an airplane, I should definitely take a picture of windows or a lobby of an airport to draw

-by Betty

Step 01 : Contouring with pen

Learn how to start your sketches with contouring

Step 02 : The basics of watercolor

Learn various techniques of watercolors and easily draw various objects

Step 03 : Tips for drawing small objects and landscapes

Learn easy ways to draw objects and scenery you see in everyday life

Step 04 : Simplifying complex buildings

Learn how to simplify many types of shop facades into easy drawings

Step 05 : Using one point perspective

Learn about perspective theory to draw more realistic, 3D sketches

Step 06 : Using simple human representation and two-point perspective

Learn how to simplify even the most complex European scenes

Step 07 : Drawing scenery with details

Combine everything you’ve learned to create more complex scenes

Step 08 : Challenge your travel drawing practice

Learn about taking your drawing into everyday life


  1. Introducing the course
  2. Meet Findenart: illustrator, artist, and instructor
  3. Let’s look at the materials needed for this course
  4. BONUS: Frequently asked questions

01. Where Do We Begin?

  1. Contouring: What should you contour?
  2. Let’s draw paint tubes with blind contour drawings
  3. Redraw the paint tube and add finishing touches
  4. Let’s use the pen to draw hand cream

02. The Basics of Watercoloring

  1. Painting using only the point colors
  2. Learn gradation by coloring the sky
  3. Learn gradation by coloring stones and leaves
  4. Learn how to add dimension by painting trees

03. Drawing Everyday Objects

  1. Let’s try sketching a can of beer
  2. Let’s try sketching a bag of chips
  3. Let’s try sketching some traffic signs

04. Drawing a cafe

  1. Let’s try sketching a meal - Brunch 1
  2. Let’s try sketching a meal - Brunch 2
  3. Let’s try sketching cafe decor
  4. Let’s try sketching the interior of a cafe: Tables, chairs, windows, and lighting

05. Simple ways to draw pretty buildings

  1. Let’s try sketching a ramen shop
  2. Let’s try sketching a red brick building from Amsterdam
  3. Let’s try sketching a food truck from Thailand

06. Drawing more complex architecture

  1. Let’s try sketching oriental architecture
  2. Let’s try sketching an alleyway using perspective
  3. Let’s try sketching a busy European street - 1
  4. Let's try sketching a busy European street - 2
  5. Let's try sketching a natural landscape

07. Beginning Travel Drawing: Kyoto and Osaka

  1. Let’s try sketching an airport scene
  2. Let’s try sketching Yojiya Latte in Kyoto
  3. Let’s try sketching Osaka Castle
  4. Let’s try sketching night scenes


  1. Congratulations on completing the course!
  2. EVENT: Join our event!!

Illustrator Findenart

@finden_art   @finden_jbr

I started drawing when I traveled. It was a very different experience from just taking photos and leaving. When I opened my sketchbook after a trip, I felt different emotions than when I look through an album of photos. It felt more immersive and special.

A lot of people were envious of my drawings from my travels. But the pictures we draw are for ourselves, so you don't have to be as good as artists. I hoped that a lot of people would want to feel the same way as I did about my travel drawings, so I held a small exhibition, and started a workshop.

I'm constantly teaching online and offline classes, and I'm constantly drawing pictures with many students.

I am looking forward to the day I can draw and travel with my future child :)

  • People who want to make their solo trips more special
  • People who want to draw beautiful scenery of travel destination from their own pictures
  • People who want to draw a picture but I'm not sure how to start
  • People who want to know how to sketch lightly and quickly
  • People who want to take away more from a trip than just photos

The Class Kit will be sourced and shipped after the class mates have purchased the class, therefore, please do understand that the kit will arrive ca. 2weeks after the class purchase. (The Class access period will also be prolonged including the kit delivery time)

Materials are picked & used by the artist.

1. Mijello mission gold watercolor set, 24 Colors

No chemical additives, highly pigmented. Its size is quite small but once you get it, we'll squeeze it out into palette and harden it.

2. 12-Pan watercolor pocket box with a 12-Half pan

We'll turn the 12-pan watercolor pocket box into 23 or 24-pan watercolor pocket box by adding 12 more half pan. More details will be instructed in the class videos!

3. Staedtler Water Brush, Medium. + 50ml(1.69oz) of water bottle

The small size of the water bottle will help to add water easily into the water brush.

4. Staedtler pigment liner 0.05, 0.3

These liners are not smudged by water. There are two kinds of thickness here. 0.05 mostly used for line-drawings and 0.3 mostly used for adjusting light and darkness, and texts.

5. White ink pen

6. Fabriano Accademia Drawing Paper, 200gsm, A5 - 14.8cm x 21 cm

This is a drawings pad for a practice. Its thickness and texture are very similar to the below. It's good enough for pen-drawing and watercoloring.

7. Hahnemuhle Watercolor Book

It's a watercolor book for practical travel-drawing. It used hard-cover so, it can support when you draw. For the practical reason, we're using the smallest size A6

8. Tong

When you are doing travel-drawing outdoors, this will hold the papers in front. It's definitely needed especially when it's windy.

9. Mesh pouch

It's always good to have stuff weigh less. You can put every kit besides, Fabriano Accademia Drawing Paper and Mijello mission gold water color set. Since you can see the inside, it's convenient to check whether all the stuff is in.

10. Printed 16 samples of the class

This will be used when you're taking the class. you can put these next to the drawing pad and draw them.

11. Pocket Tissue

It might be nothing but this will be very useful if you go out and start drawing.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos in as many devices as you want.

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