Learn to Paint Loose Watercolor Plants and Nature Sceneries

By Ciaoyin

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Paint Loose Watercolor Plants and Nature Sceneries

Watercolor Illustration with
Artist, Ciaoyin


Do you often stop in the middle of the street because you are stunned by the beauty of a corner or gorgeous scenery? Do you want to turn the landscapes on your journey into an artwork?

This course will show you how to capture the light, shadow, and street views with plants or countryside sceneries. We will practice every step from the basic composition to the completion of the work. I’m going to show you how I use only simple sketches and use watercolors for all the work. In this way, you will learn to paint with fewer restrictions and enjoy more possibilities. I will teach you how to draw plants and shadows using soft colors, and add only the necessary details.


This class is prepared for those who like to observe nature, flowers, and plants. It is also suitable for watercolor learners who want to learn how to paint light, shades, gradients, and color combinations. Whether you are just starting out or have the experience, you can acquire new skills, learn about tools, and small tricks to paint your favorite scenery.


By the end of this course you will have a greater understanding of painting plants with loose watercolors. Also, you will be able to paint shadows and ​natural sceneries​, using confident brushstrokes and controlling the wetness.

Step 1: How to Paint in a Loose Style

Step 2: Watercolor Brushstroke Techniques

Step 3: Shadows and Light with Watercolor

Step 4: Adding Details and Texture


  1. Meet Your Instructor: Ciaoyin!
  2. Introduction to the Course
  3. Introduction to the Materials

Chapter 1: Practicing Sketching and Shading

  1. Pencil Sketching and Shading Practice: Landscape
  2. Monochrome Watercolor: How to Paint with One Color
  3. Pencil Sketching and Watercolor Sketching: A Bouquet

Chapter 2: Useful Skills of Watercolor

  1. Exploring Brush Strokes: Painting a Tree
  2. Exploring Brush Strokes: Bougainvillea
  3. Edge Control in Watercolor
  4. How to Control Water on Paper: Painting Sky and Cloud

Chapter 3: What Watercolor Techniques I Use

  1. How to Lift and Remove Watercolor Pigment
  2. Negative Painting Technique
  3. Mushrooms and Grass (1) - Sketching and Painting Mushrooms
  4. Mushrooms and grass (2) - Painting Grass and Adding Details

Chapter 4: Painting Without Sketching

  1. Painting With or Without Sketching
  2. Painting a Snowy Landscape
  3. Painting a Dry Grassland

Chapter 5: Learning About Light and Shadow

  1. Tips on Painting Shadow: Paint a Flower Pot
  2. Step by Step Painting Climbing Plants
  3. Finding Reference and Inspiration

Chapter 6: More Exercises

  1. Window and Rose (1) : Making the Sketch
  2. Window and Rose (2): Painting the Window and Flower Pots
  3. Window and Rose(3) : Painting the Rose Bushes and the Shadow
  4. Castle and Snowy Forest Scene(1) : Making the Sketch and First Wash
  5. Castle and Snowy Forest Scene(2) : Painting the Castle and Forest
  6. Castle and Snowy Forest Scene(3) : Adding Details

Bonus Chapter: Finding Your Own Art Style

  1. How I Found My Own Art Style


  Congratulations on Completing the Course

Meet Your Creator



I’m Ciaoyin, artist and illustrator from Taiwan, currently living in Spain. I have learned different types of painting since I was little, my major in college was printmaking, but I love the texture and the transparency of watercolor, so I started to focus on it a few years ago. This year I’ve been painting many landscapes and what I see everyday since I moved to a new environment. I get inspiration from nature and the city I live in every day. I‘ve been teaching watercolor for 4 years. I am always happy to meet people who are also interested in watercolor, and I would love to share my experience with you.

1 Khadi Cotton100% Paper A4
2 A Masking tape
3 Kneadable eraser
4 Holbein Artist's Watercolors 15ml Tubes - 4 colors
5 White Nights Artist Watercolor Set of 12
6 Hwahong Paint Brush - 3ea
  • Who want to expand their skills on blending colors with watercolor
  • Who want to paint in a loose style.
  • Who want to learn more about brushstroke techniques
  • Who want to be able to achieve a sense of atmosphere and depth in landscape painting
  • Who want to discover a creative hobby!

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