Simple and Cute Illustrations: Combining Gouache and Colored Pencils

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I drew one of the movie scenes. A guy in the library 😛 It is already 20 years old, but one of my favorite movies. I'm watching it right now, and I want to go on a trip to Hokkaido ❄️ It's still difficult to imagine and draw. If you practice with these favorite scenes.

Will I be able to draw well? 🤗

-by Gu Jeongin

In order to present it to my mom and dad, I drew about my mom and dad's wedding anniversary :-) I felt the excitement while drawing the wedding invitation :) Thank you for the class!

-by Lim Eunbi

It's very difficult drawing by myself. I drew a picture of our family that I wanted to draw before I learned from you It's awkward but I'm proud of it and it feels good 😁 Thanks for the amazing lessons. Thank you so much!

-by Kim Kyungjin

Capturing peaceful moments on paper

I am Lee Hyun-hee, an illustrator who draws on the theme of the small happiness I feel in everyday life. If you sleep until the afternoon of the weekend, sit in a cafe, listen to music and read books. Fill the blank paper with warm colors by using gouache and colored pencils. It’s okay if you’re not familiar with these tools yet. That’s what I’m here for!

Express your daily life in illustrations

Create an illustration depicting a character that resembles you and your favorite cafe. Recreate scenes that make you feel warm when you even just imagine them. I like simple drawings, not realistic ones. I prefer a painting that preserves the key points and reduces unnecessary details. If you record your daily life with gouache and colored pencils, the memories that are otherwise fleeting will be contained in an illustration that you can keep with you for the rest of your life.

Hand-made wedding invitations

I often see people using what they’ve learned in my studio classes to make hand drawn wedding invitations with their own drawings. Let your pictures contain the most special and precious moments of your life.

In this class, we will cover everything from the characteristics of gouache to how to observe and express objects. Each lesson will be thorough from the basics so that even those who are new to paintings can fully understand and follow along.

Class Overview

There are 8 chapters in total, and we will make 10 works of art. It takes about 1 to 3 hours to make one piece. You will have 32 weeks to study so that you can learn gradually and enjoy the process. The time required to finish all the lessons will vary depending on the speed of your progress.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Understanding the tools and using color

Gouache is a really versatile tool, but it is also a cumbersome ingredient that needs to be squeezed onto a pallet every time it is used. Also, in order to make your desired color, you may need to adjust 3 ~ 4 colors. However, unlike the watercolor paint used for drying, it has the advantage of being easy to modify because it can be layered without bleeding the color underneath.

Also, because it is opaque, it gives a more vivid feeling. We will try to understand the characteristics of gouache and practice making the colors you want by coloring them yourself!

Simplifying your drawings

You will learn how to express various types of props and buildings simply. Omit the parts that aren’t needed, and catch and express only the parts that give the overall feeling or point!

Drawing characters easily

Many people find it difficult to draw human bodies. So, I will tell you how to draw a character simply through my own personal formula and proportions. It is not a class where you can learn to draw realistic characters, but a simple character, so you can draw easily.

In essence

This is a beginner-level illustration class using gouache and colored pencils. I want you to feel the joy of creating the colors you want and filling your white paper bit by bit. I'll let you learn more about props, backgrounds, buildings, and characters so that you can create interior drawings, anniversary gifts, and wedding invitation illustrations!

Create memory-filled illustrations.

Colored pencil and gouache illustrations with Aassam.

Step 01 : Using Colored Pencils

This class will focus on using colored pencils to draw. The soft texture and colors and the amount of control you can get with them prove to be great for sketching. Learn about the basics of colored pencils and how to use them to draw.

Step 02 : Using Gouache

We will use gouache to add color to our illustrations. Gouache can be seen as a mixture between watercolor and acrylic paints. Learn about the characteristics of gouache, then how to arrange, mix, and match its colors.

Step 03 : Backgrounds, Objects, Plants, and People

The four elements of our illustrations will be backgrounds, objects, plants, and people. I’ll walk you through how to draw each element, then we will combine them to create illustrations.

Step 04 : Simplifying References

You can find inspiration from real life and photos. I’ll show you how to take real examples of the elements of our illustrations and simplify them into easy sketches.

Step 05 : Applying Your Drawing Skills

You can use your illustrations for many practical uses. Together we’ll make wedding invitations using everything you’ve learned. Don’t stop there! You can create anything you want!

Welcome to Aassam’s Gouache and Colored Pencil Drawing Class

  1. Meet Lee Hyun Hee: Illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  2. Introducing the class: Capturing warm scenes with colored pencil and gouache
  3. Taking a look at the class package

01. The Basics of Gouache

  1. The characteristics of gouache paint
  2. Matching the ratios of paint in water
  3. Tone down by color mixing between primary colors
  4. Create color palettes by arranging matching colors

02. Drawing Objects

  1. Drawing practice - Fall clothes
  2. Drawing a sweater, jeans, and mufflers
  3. Drawing other small objects - Sketching kitchen objects
  4. Drawing other small objects - Adding color to your drawings 1
  5. Drawing other small objects - Adding color to your drawings 2

03. Drawing Buildings

  1. Simplifying and drawing a cafe - Preliminary shapes and colors
  2. Simplifying and drawing a cafe - Adding darker colors and details
  3. Drawing and arranging buildings into an illustration - A house
  4. Drawing and arranging buildings into an illustration - A shed, tree, and other details

04. Adding a Background

  1. A snowy village - Sketching the basic shapes and coloring in blue
  2. A snowy village - Coloring in the buildings
  3. A snowy village - Adding the plants and snow
  4. A living room - Sketching the outline and coloring the background
  5. A living room - Coloring in the details

05. Character Illustrations (Upper Body)

  1. Practicing character drawings - How to draw faces
  2. Drawing female characters
  3. Drawing male characters

06. Character Illustrations (Whole Body)

  1. Practicing character drawings - sketching off photos
  2. A girl in winter - sketch
  3. A girl in winter - coloring

07. Completing an Illustration

  1. Creating a wedding invitation - sketch
  2. Creating a wedding invitation - coloring
  3. Drawing an illustration with everything you’ve learned - Sketch and preliminary coloring
  4. Drawing an illustration with everything you’ve learned - Adding in details
  5. Using Photoshop for simple editing

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

In closing: Aassam’s parting thoughts

Bonus Chapter!

Show me your illustrations!

Artist Aassam



Hello. I’m Hyun-hee Lee, also known as Aassam, an illustrator who draws on the theme of everyday happiness. :-) Currently, I am running a private studio and Assam studio where I teach small art classes.

  • People who want to create their own artwork
  • People who want to draw, but don't know what to draw
  • People new to gouache and colored pencils

  • People who want to easily learn painting in a fun way
  • People who want a different look from watercolors and acrylics
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby

Package introduction


- Jo Sonja acrylic gouache paint 13 color set

This product is capable of both transparent and opaque expressions. It dries quickly, and even if you paint over it, colors won’t mix, so you can express well.

- Jo Sonja - titanium white (75ml)

This is what we’ll use to mix with the acrylic gouache paint set.

- Canson Montval Sink Pad 135x210m

The most popular paper for art. It is good to carry and has a small size.

- Gloria Art Plus Paper Palette

A paper palette can be used for squeezed tube paint.

- Rubens 580 flat brush 3

A flat brush for painting large areas.

- Hwahong 320 Handwriting Brush 4

A fine brush for painting an area of ​​normal size.

- Barbara handwriting brush 0

A small fine brush for delicate expressions.

- Staedtler Pencil / Eraser

Pencil and eraser for sketching.

- Four prismatic oil colored pencils

Composed of 4 colors that are essential for class. (White, black, burnt oak, sepia)

- Masking tape

Masking tape needed to draw a picture with a background. It is a product with weak adhesion, and the color is shipped randomly.

+ Special Gift!

We will provide 8 pages of sketch notes with some special touches in the form of attachments to everyone who purchases lectures, including people who purchased only the class ticket! After completing the lecture, it will be very helpful for when you draw on your own.


📩 Packages are subject to change and students will be fully informed in such cases.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 20 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos on as many devices as you want.

Installment Payment

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Class Preparation

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Class Access

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Q. Can beginners follow along?

A. Of course! If you follow the sketch to a certain extent, I think there is no difference from the coloring games you did when you were a child :-) As the class progresses, the level of difficulty will increase, but I will teach you to follow along well!

Q. Can I draw on my own after class?

A. Yes :-) We will put 8 pages of sketches with several actions as attachments so that you can continue to enjoy drawing even after the lecture ends! If you apply what you've learned, you can create great artwork by yourself.

Q. Can I take classes with the materials I have?

A. Yeah! Existing materials can also be used. You can purchase only the tools you don't have at the store. :-)

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