Paint Mouth-Watering Desserts Using Watercolors

By Alisa

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Decorate Your Drawings With Watercolors

Learn Watercolor Painting with
Illustrator and Watercolor Artist, Alisa

My class builds up from basic techniques of watercolor illustration such as shadows, lights, layers and many more. These techniques are essential when it comes to watercolor illustration and thus will be useful for your future work.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist, you are all welcome to take this class. If you are new to watercolor illustration, I will help you with building a strong foundation.

By the end of this course, you will not only be able to use and paint with watercolor,
but also be able to finish a perfect artwork of your own that contains your unique drawing style.

You can utilize watercolor drawings in your diary, postcards, and even create stickers with your work.

You will be assigned with several tasks throughout the class, and take step by step process to enhance your illustration skills and techniques.

Step 1: Learn the basic techniques of working with watercolors

You will learn the basic techniques of working with watercolors, learn how to work with color blending and learn how to make the perfect form

Step 2: Make realistic paintings

You can make realistic paintings using light and shadows, painting the volume of desserts

Step 3: Contrast and color blending

Learn how to paint the most popular desserts, know more about contrast and color blending.

Step 4: Paint your favorite food

You will learn how to paint your favorite food and can do it on your own and make the beautiful sketchbook story.

Step 5: Texture & my special techniques

I will show how to add texture to your desserts to make tasty illustrations & the main techniques which I use I my work.


1. Meet Your Instructor: Alisa
2. Introduction to the course
3. Introduction to materials

Chapter 1: How to build the form, and work with colors & brush

1. Basics of building desserts, cups, and dishes with pencil
2. Working with a brush - Doing exercises and studying how to make perfect lines
3. Working with water balance and contrast
4. Hiding power of colors

Chapter 2: Working with layers, lights, and shadows

1. Basics of layering, how many layers do you need
2. How to make lights on different desserts and shapes
3. How to make shadows on different desserts and shapes

Chapter 3: Learn about Color blending

1. Studying color wheel theory
2. The main techniques in color blending
4. The main techniques in watercolor painting

Chapter 4: Painting "cupcakes "

1. Setting up the proportion: Sketching the form of cupcakes with pencil
2. Painting with colors and making color palette for our drawing
3. Painting layers of cupcakes and adding realistic details

Chapter 5: Painting "cheesecakes"

1. Setting up the proportion: Sketching the form of cheesecakes with pencil
2. Painting the first layer and adding shadows
3. Working with berries and adding the realistic details

Chapter 6: Painting "pancake "

1. Setting up the proportion: Sketching the form of pancakes with pencil
2. Painting layers and shadows of pancakes
3. Adding the details and texture of pancakes and learning the techniques on how to make pancakes more realistic

Chapter 7: Painting "donuts "

1. Setting up the proportion: Sketching the form of donuts with pencil
2. Painting layers of donuts
3. Making the realistic lights and shadows
4. Adding the details and texture

Bonus Chapter: Drawing tips & techniques

1. How to find details in desserts
2. How to apply our lesson in other drawings


1. Congratulations on Completing the Course

About the Instructor

Watercolor Illustrator, Alisa


Hello everyone! my name is Alisa.

My career as an illustrator began at the age of 6, and after a few years of attending the art school, I became aware of my love towards watercolor paints and thus, I decided to becomes a watercolor illustrator. I illustrate for recipe books, planners, prints for clothes and I really love seeing people loving my art and drawing.

For me, painting is something that relaxes and meditates me and I believe others will feel the same way when they discover the true value of art and paintings.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

My career as an illustrator began when my follower from Instagram asked if I could design prints for his t-shirt. I found my true love towards watercolor as I felt very delighted to see my follower being pleasant with the prints that I drew for him. I love working with people, and I want people to discover what values that paintings brings to them just like it did to me.

1. DA VINCI 5580 Series Water Colour Brush, Size 2
2. Rubens Series 777 (Water Color Brush), Size 12
3. Porcelain Ceramic Palette (M)
4. Pencil 5h Faber-Castell
5. Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor 1/2 Pan Set 12pieces
6. Faber-Castell dust free Eraser
7. Fabriano Tape Binding Acid-Free Cold Press (240×320mm) 300g 12sheet
8. Faber Castell Foldable Water Pot & Brush Holder : blue

  • Those who wants to get better at the basics of watercolor drawing
  • People who want to learn my style of watercolor desserts
  • Artists who want to learn my workflow and new skills to their repertoire
  • Anyone who loves drawing and who loves to create their own favorite desserts :)

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