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4. English subtitles (Original audio in Korean).

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When I started drawing, I thought it would be good to give it to my grandmother and grandfather as a gift. I drew the checkered beret that my grandfather often wears (I think the color of my grandfather's clothes is similar). I changed the grandfather into a Korean grandmother with curly hair and colorful clothes! I drew leaves and painted them using the background color of my grandmother's grandfather's house. I'm so proud. It's fun!

-by Kotne

Miss Ellie, I still have two paintings left, but I drew this New Year's Day using what I've learned. What kind of New Year did you spend in Sweden? Happy New Year and have many good activities. ❤️

-by Lee Junghyun

I tried to color with my favorite colors. But it's really hard. When I watch Aellie's video, it's always amazing how she draws it well even with paper on it. Even if I turn the paper around and draw it, it's crooked. About 10 years ago, I spent about three months in a place called Getebori, and this chapter reminded me of Sweden's low houses and red roofs that I saw at that time, so I was very happy. I enjoyed this chapter as well.Your voice is as pretty and warm as your painting. Oh, and when I use colored pencils, it feels like there's a lot of powder. Is it because I put too much pressure on it? 🙄

-by Ohu

Bright, Vivid, and Expressive Art Using Colored Pencils

I’m Aellie, artist, and your instructor. After growing up in Korea, I moved to Sweden where I met my Swedish husband and started documenting my daily life by drawing it—and this led me to work as an illustrator! It's been five years since I moved here, and it's amazing to see how my art captures the colors and feelings of my home.

Slow down, appreciate life, and then draw what you love!

Life in Sweden is much more static and slower than life in Korea. This gave me the time to see many things that I had never seen or appreciated before. Like... when you find a pretty flower on a walk, you can sit in front of it for a while and really take it in. Living in Sweden, I have the time to observe every scene and object in detail, and it helped me improve my drawing skills. So slow down, enjoy your life and share pleasure with the world through drawing!

Drawing and sketching is like keeping a diary.

Drawing is like keeping a diary. Instead of writing, you can sketch when you want to remember the special moments, get insight into who you are, or look at something objectively. Express and record your life in pictures.

How to use color to bring spirit and excitement to your art

A lot of people ask me about using color. I’ll walk you through how to find the colors that you love, mix and match each color, and create a warm atmosphere in your illustrations. After taking this class, you will be able to fill a full page with warmth and life.

Portray characteristics in a way that makes your drawing unique

Discover the power of simplifying details to capture the essence of what you’re drawing. People, animals, objects, you’ll have fun sketching them all! When art gets too hard, it can get boring and I'll teach you how to draw in a simple, but fun style.

A warm illustration that awakens memories

I like warm-hearted drawings that evoke memories. Like the beautiful colors of glass beads, old broach, and pearls that I saw as a child when I opened my grandmother’s old jewelry box. I hope you all feel a similar warmth in my class and experience the pleasures of drawing and being able to draw whatever you want. It's very meaningful to create art that brings joy into one’s life :)

By the end of the class, you will see things that move you and feel the indescribable sensation of joy when you lift up your finished drawing with your own hands.

Simple Nordic Illustrations.

Create with Aellie.

Step 01 : Sketching and Coloring Neatly

What’s good about using colored pencils is that you can erase rough edges in your illustrations. I’ll show you some tips on how to sketch and color neatly using the eraser.

Step 02 : Combining Colors

You can use colors to express your own style. Each artist has his/her own color palette. Learn how to find and match colors that suit your tastes.

Step 03 : Coloring with Colored Pencils

The main tool we’ll be using in the class is the colored pencil. I’ll walk you through how to hold and color using the colored pencil, with plenty of practice!

Step 04 : Using a Gelly Roll Pen

Gelly roll pens are used to bring out color in illustrations. In the last step of creating your illustration, I’ll show you how to use the gelly roll pen to liven up your drawings.

Step 05 : Simplifying for Drawing

A unique characteristic of Nordic illustrations is their simplicity. Learn how to observe and simplify objects, plants, and people to make them easier to draw.

Welcome to Aellie’s Colored Pencil Drawing Class

  1. Introducing the class: nordic colored pencil illustrations
  2. Meet Aellie: illustrator, artist, and your instructor
  3. Taking a look at the class package

01. The Fundamentals of Drawing

  1. Getting clean sketches and coloring - How to use the eraser
  2. Simplifying plants by using simple lines and shapes
  3. Drawing a plant illustration emphasizing unique characteristics
  4. Drawing a forest - How to control balance

02. Exploring Color

  1. Understanding colors through a color palette
  2. How to gracefully combine colors - Finding your own colors
  3. Sketching an autumn illustration
  4. Coloring the autumn illustration

03. The Magic of Colored Pencils

  1. Different coloring techniques
  2. Drawing a summer illustration
  3. Drawing a winter illustration

04. Drawing Swedish Houses

  1. Drawing Swedish houses
  2. Coloring Swedish houses 1
  3. Coloring Swedish houses 2

05. Drawing Cute Animals

  1. Visualizing and drawing a cute animal poster
  2. Coloring the animal poster 1
  3. Coloring the animal poster 2

06. Drawing People

  1. How to draw different kinds of faces
  2. In application: At the bus stop - Drawing
  3. In application: At the bus stop - Coloring 1
  4. In application: At the bus stop - Coloring 2

07. Drawing Grandma and Grandpa

  1. How to draw hands and tips for using colored pencils
  2. Drawing an old couple illustration
  3. Coloring the old couple illustration

08. Drawing an Illustration with a Background

  1. Drawing a tea time scene with lilies
  2. Coloring the illustration - 1
  3. Coloring the illustration - 2
  4. Coloring the illustration - 3

09. Drawing the patterns in fabric

  1. Drawing a cozy dinner scene
  2. Coloring the illustration - 1
  3. Coloring the illustration - 2
  4. Coloring the illustration - 3

Outro: Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

  1. In closing: Aellie’s closing thoughts

Artist Aellie


When I recall the oldest memories that interest you in painting,

When I went to the supermarket to follow my mom as a child,

I used to pick up some sweets, go back home, open a sketchbook and draw.

I drew mom and I at the supermarket, a showcase full of sweets I wanted to eat, and dolls and toys I wanted.

Then I felt like everything in the picture was mine.

I think I started drawing pictures to remember those times.

I started out with sweets and then started drawing more pictures to record my memories, one by one.

How about making rich memories with pictures, too? :)

  • People who'd like to draw, but are not sure how to start
  • People who already make art but want to learn a new style.
  • People who like to sketch their life.
  • People who want to keep the memories of their daily life and travels in a visual form
  • People who want to learn a new, enriching hobby

Package Introduction

In my class, we will use those Prismacolor colored pencil sets of 72, which is composed of pencils that I really like! Also, I prepared a paper, Faber-Castell pencil, Cretacolor eraser, and pretty much everything you need to take this class! It took me a while to put together the perfect setting, which will offer you exactly what you need to create amazing art.

  1. Kent Paper 220g A5
  2. Prismacolor colored pencils 72 sets
  3. Faber-Castell Bonanza HB Pencil
  4. Sakura Gelly Roll Pen White 2 sets
  5. Faber-Castell Dust-Free Eraser
  6. Cretacolor Caramel Fine Art Gum Eraser
  7. Beechwood Single Hole Pencil Sharpener


📩 Packages are subject to change and students will be fully informed in such changes.

Duration of the course

You can access the class videos for 32 weeks. Within that period, you can replay the videos on as many devices as you want.

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Class Access

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Q. Will I be able to draw on my own after class?

A. You can draw! The ultimate goal of the class is the ability to create. In order to unravel your own story, not just a masterpiece, you need to have the basics of drawing with markers and be able to apply the concepts learned in class. So, step by step, the basics of marker drawing are laid out, and creative tips are organized in chapters to help you compose your own story.

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